Moving to Rome 101

Are you considering moving to the Eternal City? Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Walking down the cobbled streets, you can see the history unfolding in front of you. There aren’t many places in the world where you can find thousands of years old monuments standing next to expensive designer stores. But, when moving to Rome from a different place, all of this can result in a culture shock. That’s why it’s good to know how to prepare yourself and what to expect.

Bridge in Rome
The city will take you under its spell

Moving to Rome

Do all that you need to make your process of moving to Rome as easy as possible. Be sure to organize everything in order to start your new life without any worries. Here are some of the tips:

  • start your preparation as early as possible
  • hire a moving company if necessary
  • get rid of some of your belongings that you no longer need
  • have an open mind for a new surrounding

Costs of living in Rome

Being the capital of Italy, it’s reasonable that Rome is not a very cheap place for living. It’s also a very popular tourist destination, with a consequence of the higher prices in the city. That’s the reason why the costs of living are higher than in other places in Italy. But, compared to cities like New York or London, this city is not that expensive. And that’s especially if you don’t live in the center. Here are some prices according to

Fontana di Trevi
You might want to avoid cafés near popular tourist destinations
  • the rent of a one-bedroom apartment, outside of the city center is around 680 euros
  • a basic utility bill for a bigger apartment is around 167 euros.
  • the average monthly net salary is around 1.500 euros
  • the price of the square meter in the city center can go from 6.000 to even higher
  • outside the city center, you can find a square meter for the price of around 3.000 euros
  • If you avoid hot tourist destinations, you can find beer for around 3-5 euros, and cappuccino for around 1.3 euros


The city lies on the River Tiber has a encompasses an area of around 500 square miles. If you consider that transportation in the city is not very reliable, you might want to choose a location close to your office. Here are some of the best neighborhoods:

  • Family neighborhoods – Monteverdeis is a neighborhood popular with expats that has a huge public park. Vigna Clara is also a quiet family neighborhood.
  • For young people – Trendy neighborhoods like Trastevere or Monti can offer you nice cafés and bars.
  • High-class neighborhood – Via Appia Antica is a neighborhood where places where the elite lives.

Prepare accordingly

Moving to Rome is going to be much easier, now that you have information to help you better prepare for moving. Make a list and see what you need to do. And be happy that you are going to live in an extraordinary city, that’s a big and important part of history. Very soon, you’ll fall in love with the sunsets in Rome and a unique vibe that it undoubtedly has.

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