Moving to Nashville from Europe – how to get used to the change

Uprooting yourself is always difficult because it implies abandoning everything you have accustomed to over the years. Your friends and family, your habits and lifestyle became an inseparable part of you over the years. Hence, you are rightfully concerned about the upcoming change. Moving to Nashville from Europe may be the best thing that ever happened to you, however, it will take a while before you adapt to your new surroundings.

Intercontinental relocation: how to adjust?

Getting used to the change is not challenging only because of the inevitable culture shock. There are many little things you will begin to notice over time. They will continue to remind you that you have moved, not only to a new city, or a new country but to another continent. If you have strongly decided to spread your wings over the Atlantic and settle in the capital of Tennessee, read on and focus on stress-free relocation to Nashville. One part of adjusting to any change is learning about the differences. The other is getting involved with your new community as soon as you settle in.

After moving to Nashville from Europe, visit Willie Nelson and Friends Museum.
Nashville has a plethora of museums, art centers, galleries, and attractions

Moving to Nashville from Europe and what it involves

Moving to Nashville from Europe presumes that you have already found a job there and a place to live. One of the first things to consider after you get all the necessary papers is relocation. Moving your belongings over the ocean is not an easy task. However, Whatever It Takes Moving Tennessee will assist you in that part of the endeavor. The least you can do to reduce stress over your long-distance international relocation is to delegate a part of the work to experts.

Learn about the things that await you

Even if you don’t like the place you have rented in Nashville, it is comforting to know that the relocation process here is simple and you can always move easily elsewhere. The moving industry in the U.S. has developed to the level few European countries can match.

One of the first little things you will need to accustom to are differences in measures, not to mention currency. Living in Nashville, that is, in the States, means adopting the Imperial system as opposed to the Metric system. Get ready to measure the length in inches, distance in miles, weight in pounds, and temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Unless you are moving from an English-speaking country, the English language may present a small barrier at the beginning.

Two measuring tapes are showing feet and meters.
While all big cities look alike, American cities are being measured in feet, not meters.

More specifically to Nashville, the climate is humid subtropical with hot and humid summers and mild to cold winters. Nashville is in the southeastern part of the United States and, thus, doesn’t get much snow. On the other hand, it gets plenty of rain, especially in the spring. It has an average humidity of 70% over the year. Also, Nashville is not a stranger to tornadoes. However, they occur occasionally and are seldom severe.

What makes Nashville easy to adjust to

You may get surprised at how much Nashville is similar to other European cities. With a constant influx of people moving from Europe to Tennessee and from other States, too, this city has measured a rise in the number of citizens, nearing 2 million. Thus, this city has everything a large European city would also have. Public transportation is easily accessible and consists of city buses and a limited light rail system. If you don’t drive a car you can rely on Lyft and Uber or other ride-sharing options. Note that driving a car may become a necessity as you get more accustomed to the American way of life. After all, the U.S. is a land of great distances and to conquer them you need to brave the rush hours and parking problems. So European, right?

Jack Daniel's whiskey and musical instruments are symbols of Nashville.
It is difficult to feel alone or bored after moving to Nashville from Europe

What is a better way to connect with Nashville than through food and drinks? You can start with global cuisine that is closer to you before you move to local, southern delicacies. Cocktails will not disappoint you either, but if you’re a fan of whiskey, the prestigious Jack Daniel Distillery is the right starting point for you.

As it goes with the rest of the States, it is highly likely that you’ll find and meet other expats from Europe in Nashville. If you need help to reach the expat community, call your country’s embassy or consulate and ask for a few contacts. Don’t hesitate to ask other expats for advice; they will be happy to help you get used to the change. One day it’ll be you who will welcome a newcomer to Nashville and return the favor.

Things you’ll love after moving to Nashville from Europe

After reading about some useful moving hacks, you will be able to relocate safely in no time. And Nashville will surprise you with all it has to offer. The city doesn’t lack attractions, that is certain. Everything you would normally explore in any European city you will find in here, too. Museums, art and science centers, and libraries; parks, zoo, and botanical garden; theaters, opera, and ballet; they have all claimed a little part of Nashville. Moreover, you will not miss out on shopping, as besides the many shops in downtown Nashville, there is also Opry Mills, the largest outlet and retail shopping center in the country and the Nashville Farmers’ Market.

Nashville is rightfully called Music City

It sets the rhythm you will find easy to follow, whichever part of Europe you are moving from. Moving to Nashville from Europe is like the music you can hear on its streets. At first intense with contagious energy like rock, and then crossing a wide range of emotions like blues. Finally, it makes you feel comfortable and happy amidst diversity that is Americana. The city’s music scene offers something for every taste. Nightlife is as vibrant as daily life, though it mostly revolves around (and inside) honky-tonks. It is perfectly normal to feel homesick, but friendly Nashvillians will help you overcome nostalgia. Go where the locals go and feel free to introduce yourself.

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