Moving to Minnesota – a complete guide

Minnesota is home for around 5.5 million people, and it’s famous for the high quality of life it offers. You can choose the more urban areas or opt for a rural residence on a farm, surrounded by astonishing nature. Wherever you decide to live, moving to Minnesota can be the best decision of your life. Of course, you need to learn what expect you in this great state. Make sure that this is the right place for your new home and follow the steps to make your relocation much easier.

Moving to Minnesota – basic steps

Interstate moving is not an easy task. It will be overwhelming and it will require great organization skills.

Good planning will help you manage the whole process and make your move less stressful. These are the steps that you have to take when moving to Minnesota:

  • Make a moving budget plan – Making a budget plan should be the first on your list. Calculating all of the expenses that relocating to Minnesota will require will show you exactly how much money you need for relocation.
  • Make a moving checklist – The best way to be organized is to put things in writing. Make a moving checklist and include every step of the relocation in it. The moving checklist should contain moving budget plan, packing plan, the list of all of your belongings and the list of the moving dates.
  • Legal requirements – If you’re relocating to Minnesota from abroad, it’s important to make sure your paperwork is in order. Find out what kind of documentation you need and how to get it. Make sure to certified all the additional documents before you enter the USA.
  • Sort out your belongings – It’s very simple really. The more stuff you are moving the higher moving costs will be. Go through your stuff and determine what you can live without and which items you really need.
  • Hire professional help – When you’re moving to another state or to another country, you will need the help of professional movers. In this case, you just can’t do it yourself. Of course, you’ll need to find the most reliable moving company. Check out the and find out why this is one of the most prestigious moving company in Minnesota and wider.

Basic things about Minnesota

Before you start to pack your bags and hire assistance for your relocation, you need to learn a few basic things about the Minnesota state. When all adds together, it’s a great place to live in, but you should be sure before you start to plan your moving to Minnesota.

Minnesota’s economy

Many are moving here because it’s low unemployment rate. It’s only 4% which rank this state in 11th place by the unemployment rate.

The minimum wage for large employers is $9.50 and there are some strong worker-friendly policies in place. Some of the top financial advisory firms in the Midwest are located right here.

That all means that you can easily find good employment when you relocate to Minnesota.

Living costs

As in any other state, the cost of living in Minnesota will vary depending on which city you choose to call your new home. You should ask around about the various taxes that this state has. Especially if you are moving to Minnesota from the state with no income taxes. Those taxes are higher at the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, but the salaries are also higher in these areas.

When all adds up, housing, foods, and taxes costs are slightly higher in Minnesota than the national average. On the other hand, utility costs tend to be noticeably lower.

Cities and Metro Areas

Minnesota has something to offer everybody. Whether you are an outdoorsy type or you prefer urban scenery, there’s an area of Minnesota for you.

The Twin Cities and city of St. Paul are consistently rank high on the list of best places to live in. They are the perfect places for urban, healthy, green and family-friendly living. Suburbias are safe and filled with beautiful with parks, trails and biking paths. Smaller towns along the many lakes are also the perfect places to consider when coming to Minnesota.

A park
Green and vast parks can be found in every Minnesota’s area

Minnesotans are famously friendly

Minnesotans are known for their friendliness. Many refer to Minnesota as American Canada because of the nice spirit of its residents. Minnesotans are notoriously famous for their kindness and acceptance. You can always count on the helping hand of neighbors and warm greetings. They are very accepting for newcomers, and you will fill like a local in no time. There is even the phrase “Minnesota Nice” which truly describes the nature of the residents.


Activities that interest you play a big part in determining will you be happy after moving. In Minnesota, you will surely find an activity by your taste. This state is famous for the many festivals and fairs that take place throughout the year. Minnesotans are big on tradition, so they celebrate holidays like 4 July big and festive.

Those that love outdoors activities, will glad to hear that residents of Minnesota tend to be very active. No surprise there, since this state has plenty of hiking and biking trails. Astonishing beauty of Minnesota’s nature will tempt even the biggest couch potatoes to go outside and take a walk while admiring the incredible scenery.

beautiful nature
Minnesota is a heaven for nature and outdoor activities lovers


When considering the move to Minnesota, you should know that winters here can be very long and cold. This state has all distinguished four-season climate, but you should prepare for the harsh temperatures in the colder months. Colder temperatures sometimes lasting up to six months of the year, but summers are quite humid and hot. The least extreme are fall and spring, but there are usually followed by several thunderstorms or even tornadoes.

voyageurs national park
Minnesota is famous for its numerous lakes that provide fun during all seasons


That said, all the seasons can be very fun in Minnesota.  Minnesotans always find the way to have fun, even on the coldest day. Winter is buzzing of the outdoor activities like downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, and ice fishing. When the summer heat is unbearable, there are many beautiful lakes around to cool off. They provide abundant activities like fishing, jet skiing, swimming, zip lining.

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