Moving to Georgia 101

Are you thinking about moving to a new state? Did you take Georgia into consideration? If you are thinking about moving to Georgia read on to find some interesting things about this state. Georgia has something for everybody. For example, the state has plenty of national and state parks for nature lovers. It’s full of historical sites and museums for history buffs. Also, it is home to many famous sports teams. So, you can definitely find something you like in Georgia.

The job market in Georgia

If you are considering moving to Georgia, then you are probably interested in the current job market. Researching popular jobs and getting one beforehand is a good way to prepare for moving to Georgia. Well, Georgia is home to several Fortune 500 hundred companies. To be exact, 18 of these companies call Georgia their home. The industry goes from textile to mining and includes everything in between. Fastest growing fields in Georgia industry are web development, public transportation and various parts of the medical industry like nursing, physical therapy, and medical assistance. Additionally, the unemployment rate in Georgia is fairly low, just 4.4%. As you can probably guess, the highest paying jobs in the state are in science fields and medical industry.

Because of this Georgia is increasingly popular state to move to. Tens of thousands of people move to Atlanta every year. Due to this Georgia offers professional help for long distance moves. Since the job market is in a very good condition, Georgians saw the need for a good professional mover. This is another reason why it became a desirable place to move to.

Atlanta at night.
Atlanta is a popular place in Georgia for newcomers

Housing options for moving to Georgia

Before you move to Georgia you have to find a new place to live in. It’s the most important piece of the moving puzzle. Consult with some professionals, like, on which part of the state is the best place for you. The pricing of houses is difficult to summarize. This is mostly due to the fact that there are many historical buildings mixed in with the new ones. In any case, the prices are on the rise.

This also means that rent prices are rising as well. The rent for one-bedroom apartment averages around $1200 per month. Bigger places it’s not unusual to face rent around $1700 per month and higher. If you intend to stay in Georgia for a long time or even permanently, it’s always a better option to buy a place. The rise in prices will only increase the value of your home over the following years. The good thing is that there is no shortage of choices, especially in Atlanta and Savannah area. New construction blossomed in these areas in the past decades.

Culture and natives in Georgia

Locals in Georgia are a bit specific. They can spot a newcomer from a mile away. What will certainly give you away is the pronunciation of Atlanta. Locals pronounce the name of their state capital as ‘At-lan-a’ opposed to ‘At-lan-tah’ as others do. Also, no one calls it ‘Hotlanta’ anymore.

Other than judging your pronunciation, the Georgians will welcome you with open arms. They are warm and friendly people. You will most definitely notice their southern charm and hospitality. Your neighbors will make you feel welcome with some delicious peach cobbler and pecan pie. Also, they won’t skip chicken and waffles with a side of sweet tea.

Life in Georgia goes at a slower pace. Georgians prefer to enjoy life rather than just letting it pass them by. They say for themselves that they have smooth-talking wit and wisdom as well as stunning grace. Everyone is very knowledgeable about their state history. And they are proud of it. Also, don’t be surprised when they say hello to you or open the door for you even if they don’t know you.

The language in Georgia reflects its uniqueness. After moving to Georgia you find yourself using “y’all” very shortly. Also, calling other “sir” or “ma’am” will become a new habit. And, you’ll start calling all types of soda as “Coke”. This is because Georgia is the state where the original “Coca-Cola” was invented.

Some other pros of moving to Georgia

The food here is incredible. Also, the way they eat is fascinating. Lunch usually consists of several tiny snacks. Dinner is a full meal served in the middle of the day. On the other hand, supper is a huge feast at the end of the day.

Nature in Georgia is just amazing. Nature lovers will certainly find their new happy place here. Georgia is home to some beautiful beaches, forests, and even swamps. Also, it features a beautiful botanical garden. So, make sure to pack your hiking boots and camera.

Beautiful nature in Georgia.
Nature lovers will enjoy what Georgia has to offer

Georgians are huge fans of art. If you are an art lover, you will be happy after moving to Georgia.  Several art museums found their place here. For example, the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens and the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville are most popular. Also, don’t forget the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. After moving to Georgia you might become more interested in sports. Namely, residents of Georgia are big on their sports teams. You can pick between the Atlanta Falcons, the Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Hawks, the Georgia Bulldogs and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. There is something for everyone.

Georgia host festivals of all varieties. You have music, art, film and beer festivals. Also, there are several seasonal and culinary festivals. Basically, if you are a fan of something, Georgia probably has a festival for it. The most famous ones are Dragon Con, Summerfest, and the Atlanta Film Festival.

Cons of moving to Georgia

Humidity levels in Georgia are so high they will make you soak your shirt in a couple of minutes on a hot day. Locals always recommend taking some extra clothes with you. Also, it’s said that locals will always park further away if it means leaving their car in the shade.

A hydrometer.
Humidity in Georgia can be difficult to take.

Pollen is everywhere. It coats everything in yellow every year. This means cars, rooftops, sidewalks even your pets. In case you have pollen allergies you probably don’t want to move to Georgia.

More metropolitan areas have some traffic. This mostly relates to Atlanta and the surrounding area. Namely, Atlanta has the busiest international airport that definitely increases traffic in the area.

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