Moving to Europe with kids – tips and tricks

So you’ve decided to move to Europe with your family? That’s a big call to make in your life. You’ll have to choose from a wide range of countries. Then you’ll have to adjust to new people, a new environment, a new job etc. While that is a scary change, Europe can be a perfect place to raise your children and live a pleasant life. The continent has interesting cultures, peaceful small towns, and most importantly, plenty of career opportunities. But moving to Europe with kids can be extremely complicated, so it’s important to do it right. Here are a few tips and tricks we think will come in handy!

Is Moving To Europe With Kids A Good Idea?

Before we talk about relocating to Europe with children in more detail, there’s one important question – should you move at all? Does your spouse support you in this decision? How do your children feel about it? As you can see, moving your family isn’t exactly a no-brainer. Whatever your reasons for moving to Europe are, bear in mind that kids are very delicate and sensitive to change. For children, a new kindergarten or a new school is like a different planet. You know full well how tricky it can be to make new friends at a young age. A foreign environment can leave lasting consequences on children, so it’s important to make sure you’ve definitely decided it’s the best option for your family.

What about different opportunities?

On the other hand, moving to Europe with your children means giving them the best educational opportunities. This region is home to some of the best and most famous universities in the world. Also, when you’re deciding on an area to move to, nearby schools should be one of the most important factors. Choosing a new school for your children can have an enormous impact on how they’ll adapt to their new home.

A globe.
A good thing about Europe – you’ll have a lot of options!

Choosing a place in Europe

If your decision to move to Europe is final, the next logical question is – where? There are around 50 countries on the continent, and finding the best places in Europe to raise a family isn’t easy!

Let us help!

However, we can help you narrow it down. You should to a member state of the European Union, and there are 28 of them. The countries of Western Europe are the most expensive in terms of living costs, compared to Central and Eastern Europe. However, they also have the best job opportunities and the highest wages. With all of this in mind, here are a few tips on moving to Europe with kids:

  • Search online – today, the Internet is your best source of information on every possible topic. There are many websites about European immigration, jobs, careers, learning different languages. You’ll also find social networks and forums very useful. People use them to share information and their own past experiences, and you’ll find a lot of tips on everything from important paperwork and procedures to local cuisine.
  • Ask around – Today, people are moving around more than ever. Globalization and ease of travel mean you can easily move to any country in the world. So, there’s a big chance you already know someone who’s moved to Europe in the past. Although moving to different countries in Europe can be totally different, hearing the experiences of other people could prove useful.
  • Tour the continent – There’s another thing you should do before relocating to Europe with kids. Before you choose a country, take the time to travel around. In the end, your own impressions are going to be the most important. Find your embassy in the country you’re visiting and talk to the staff, they will know a lot about moving and living there.

Choosing a moving company

So, you’ve made the decision to move and picked a suitable country with kid-friendly cities? Good! Brace yourself, because the hardest and most stressful part of moving to Europe with kids is around the corner. If you’ve ever moved, you know it isn’t easy even when you’re moving across the street. In comparison, moving to another continent is a monumental task. Luckily, you have our many international moving tips to ease the tedious transition.

A truck.
A serious moving company is important if you want to move to Europe with kids safely!

Bear in mind that choosing a good international moving company is extremely important – you’ll want someone who will be careful with your belongings. After all, these are the closest remainders to their old home your children will have. You will be packing a lot of precious memories, so you want a reputable moving company that will deliver them intact to your new home.

Adjusting after moving to Europe with kids

If you think about how emotionally hard relocating to Europe with kids is for you, imagine what it’s like for your children! That’s why you should make sure you prepare them for this big change well in advance. Try to ease the change by including the kids in the process and making it more fun. Talk to them about your nice new home, their new school and the many new friends they’ll make there! Make the chore of packing your things into a game and let them help you even if this slows you down. Before you leave for Europe, let them throw a nice going-away party for their friends!

A woman holding a box.
If you see the relocation as a positive thing, your kids will too!

When you arrive at your new home, try to have a lot of fun activities with your children. Make sure you take them to the local park or a fun restaurant for kids. Go to the cinema and see a really fun movie! Or get to know the place, and make a game out of learning the subway and tram systems in the new city. If you’ve moved to a smaller town, introduce yourselves to the neighbors and maybe your children will meet some new kids along the way.

Lastly, you shouldn’t let your children see you nostalgic or sad because of the relocation. They will only get upset seeing their parents feel the same way. Instead, try to keep yourself jolly and occupied with family activities, work, and other chores. Your kids look to you as their role models, and if they see you’re adapting well, they’ll like the new environment more. Basically, try to follow our tips, relax, and you’ll see moving to Europe with kids will do just fine!

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