Moving to Europe from Russia

Today in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of the Independent States), unfortunately, there is a very difficult economic situation. In consequence of this and some other factors, many people are oriented towards moving to Europe from Russia. This makes it possible to start a new life from scratch. In the European Union countries, stability, employment, and wages are all at a high level.

St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square, Moscow
Before moving to Europe from Russia, think whether you are prepared to leave Russia.

What is the appeal of moving to Europe from Russia?

All EU countries are economically developed and can provide their population with everything needed. When emigrating from Russia to European countries, you guarantee yourself and your children a bright future in which there will be quality medicine, education of the highest level, an excellent attitude towards emigrants from Russia and the CIS. In addition to all this, in another country, you will be able to conduct your business and at the same time have a permanent income.

Moving to Europe for permanent residence is a complex and long process, one that depends on many factors. First of all, one of them is your desire to immigrate. After all, if it does not exist or it is insufficient, it will not be easy for you in a new, completely different and unusual country. It is necessary to choose in what way and how to move to a permanent residence in Europe from Russia.

What are the advantages of moving from Russia to Europe?

Moving to a new place, especially in a new country, for each person is individual. This is affected by the language barrier, education, employment, age and much more. If you are highly qualified in your profession, it will be easy for you to find a job. But if you are, for example, a Russian language teacher, then you will most likely need to re-qualify or look for a narrow specialty. There are a lot of such nuances that need to be considered and revised, before thinking about moving to Europe.

So, let’s highlight the main advantages of emigration from Russia to the European countries, and not to other continents:

  • high level of healthcare;
  • moving to Europe from Russia is much better than to the countries of America, as there are more opportunities to visit relatives and friends in Russia;
  • European education is one of the best in the world;
  • the opportunity to open your own business;
  • the climate is very similar to Russia (depending on which country and part of Russia), so there will be no problems with acclimatization.

Countries that are the best for moving to Europe

Moving to Europe from Russia can easily lead to a Spanish flag on the horizon.
Spain is a popular choice for many people bent on moving to Europe from Russia

Countries in Western Europe – France, Germany and the United Kingdom, have developed special programs for immigrants. If you decide to go to a permanent residence to Europe, namely to these countries, prepare yourself for the fact that you will have to pass a series of exams. For example, in France, you need to know the French language and the history of this country perfectly. Registration of documents for moving to these countries takes a very long time and will require a lot of effort. On the one hand, life in these countries is at a high level, and you get more and more opportunities, but on the other hand, the level of costs for vital needs is quite high.

Many people want to move to Spain. At first glance, it is a beautiful country with a lot of interesting opportunities and perspectives. This is a separate world in which you want to work successfully, and then relax, enjoying the taste of red wine. But with all this, we can say that this is a country for the rich. In order for you to get permission to immigrate to Europe, especially to Spain, you must have the finance to ensure that from the very first day of your stay you are not using the state social security. To get a residence permit in Spain, an important thing is the purchase of real estate. Only after buying an apartment or house will you be able to live there for the rest of your life. This can be a huge minus.

Moving to Eastern Europe

If you decide to move to Eastern Europe, it will be a little easier for you. The proximity of this region to Russia makes it more accessible. You do not have to fully learn a language you do not know since the Slavic languages are all very similar. As a result, you will learn a foreign language in a short time.

Life in the countries of Eastern Europe is much cheaper than in Western Europe. However, you should also understand that the social and economic sphere is not so developed. More than that, mostly there are poor countries, such as Montenegro, Serbia. In this respect, the Czech Republic and Slovenia are more developed.

What are the best ways to migrate to Europe

There are several ways to move to Europe:

  1. Business immigration;
  2. Family immigration;
  3. Working trip;
  4. Obtaining education;
  5. Refugees.

After you receive a permanent residence in Europe, for example, in Austria, you will be an equal citizen. You will have the same rights and duties as an Austrian citizen. The only major condition is that you will not be able to participate in local elections.

Moving to Europe from Russia is much easier than in all other countries. All developed European countries attract people with stability in any social sphere, the reliability of structures, huge number of ways to promote themselves. Good attitude towards immigrants and special social programs with benefits – all of that plays a very important role.

Flag of the European Union
Moving to Europe from Russia can be a very appealing due to the many benefits within the European Union.

Before you choose the country where you want to move, you need to get familiar with its tradition and lifestyle. You shouldn’t rush with that since that is something that will decide how your future life will look like. So, make sure you choose the best place in Europe for your family to live!

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