Moving to Europe during the winter – how to do it right?

Moving process takes time, especially if you are planning a long distance move to Europe. Therefore, you will have to prepare well, plan everything in advance and make a moving checklist. If you are moving to Europe from America or Australia, this will be one wonderful experience. But, as we already said, you will have to prepare in advance, especially if you are moving to Europe with your lovely family. Adapting to a new environment can be tough but after a while, you will see that living in Europe can be really pleasant. Now, let’s see what you should know if you are moving to Europe during the winter?

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Whether you are making a short distance move or you are moving overseas, having a professional moving company by your side is the best option. A professional moving company will calculate everything and inform you in advance on how much is your move going to cost you. Aside from the checklist, you will have to prepare and sort out your budget too.

If you are not sure which moving company is a reliable one, ask your friends or family or search the internet. Every professional moving company should have a license, offer plenty of services and also provide insurance. With years of experience and well-trained workers, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. Moving to Europe during the winter is not something you can do on your own, most of the time. Therefore, hiring a professional moving company is really necessary. Let’s mention a few services that a professional moving company can provide:

  • Good communication
  • Truck and Transport
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Proper labeling
  • Insurance policy
  • Storage units and/or portable containers
  • Packing of sensitive and valuable things (fine art and antiques)
  • Car transport
Every professional moving company tend to satisfy their customers.
A Professional moving company will always take care of their clients!


Moving to Europe during the winter – things you should know

For starters, you will have to do some research and investigate your new hometown and area around it. You may also, if you are able to, learn the language. Most European countries have their own languages and they are not using the English language often. If you are moving to Europe during the winter, you should pay more attention to the clothing you would want to pack and move with you. On the other side, you can always visit some malls when you arrive and get new clothes for you and your family members.

Try to get rid of the things you won’t use anymore. You can sell your furniture online or give it away to your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers.  Small items such as clothing, you can always donate. Keep only the most necessary things. If you have a lot of questions about the move, you can always consult Big Apple Movers NYC.

Different Climate and Low Temperature

If you are moving to Europe during the winter, pay attention to the climate and temperature, especially if you got used to warm and hot weather. Some people don’t have any problems to adapt to low temperature but others can find that difficult. Therefore, you will have to pack some clothes to keep you warm. Do not forget to pack gloves, sweaters, thick pants or jeans and winter boots. Also, an umbrella can come in handy, if you are moving to a European city that has plenty of rain during the whole year.

Moving to Europe during the winter? Do not forget to pack warm clothes!
Don’t forget to pack scarfs and gloves!

Learn the language

Most of the European countries use their own language. In the areas with a lot of tourists, you will be able to communicate in English but, learning some basic words can help you communicate with residents if you have no other option. Also, it is always nice to learn and speak a language other than English. If you like the German language the most and are moving there, check out some tips and hints for moving to Germany!

Research your new area and hometown

Use the internet to research your new area before the move. Read blogs, forums, try to dig out any information that you are interested in. You can also use Google street view if you want to see how those look like. If you get to know your new place and area before the move, you will feel safer and less lost when you arrive.

Found a perfect place to live? Check on how to prepare your home for your family before you move in!

Travel Insurance

Do not forget that every country and government handle their health and other insurances differently. Therefore, investigate and choose a good insurance plan for you and your family in advance. Health Insurance is the most important thing in order to keep your family safe. On the other hand, you should consider moving insurance as well, in case your luggage disappears or suffers any damage during the transport.

If you are not informed about shipping containers, check on shipping container size – all you need to know!

Make list and take pictures of everything you possess

Take photos of your valuable things, such as a passport or credit card. In case of a robbery or if you lose an item during the move or in transport, you should have a copy of everything. Keep a record who do you contact in case you lose something. Place all those copies somewhere safe, it will be easier to report everything to the police, insurance company or anyone who is dealing with your case, if you get robbed or lose some of those important documents.

Make photos and copies of your passport in case you lose it.
Put passport, debit and visa card on some place safe!

Local Transportation Options

Investigate what kind of transportation you will use when you get to your new location. You can ship your car or buy a new one when you arrive, but if you are planning to use a train or a bus, you should get familiar with the local transportation options. At some places, you will be able to get a monthly ticket for a bus if you are using it every day. On the other hand, in some places, you will have to validate your ticket by getting it stamped etc.

Moving to Europe during the winter? Might be chilly but it is also a new and wonderful experience! Have a nice trip!

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