Moving to Canada with a baby – preparation tips

If you plan to move with your baby to Canada – good luck! Moving with a newborn acquires patience and organization skills. Consider hiring international movers from Toronto to help you with the moving process. Besides the transportation, professional movers can also help you with packing the moving boxes. In the meanwhile, take a look at the following preparation tips for moving to Canada with a baby.

Prioritize your chores before the move

Whether you live with a partner or you’re a single parent, handling both a baby and a relocation is not easy. The first thing to know is this – you can’t move with a child last minute, at least not care-free. The best advice you can receive is to start preparing for the move on time. Good organization is the key. If it will make it easier for you, make a list of all the things you have to do before the relocation. Also, hiring a babysitter or a family member to help with your baby is a good idea.

Pay special attention to baby’s traveling bag

If you decided to pack on your own, make sure to pay special attention to your child’s bag. After all, you might forget to pack many things, but your baby will not be forgiving if you miss packing the essentials. Baby’s clothes, diapers, comforting toys, and blankets should be the first thing you pack. In case you are moving long distance, make sure to bring baby bottles and ready-made food, too. If you decided to hire professional movers for the packing services, let them do the hard work but make sure to pack your child’s bag yourself.

You are the only person that can help your baby during the move

Keep your child’s routine steady

Few weeks prior to the move, you should make sure not to make drastic changes to your baby’s daily routine. Before the moving process, it’s recommended not to start teaching your child to new habits like taking the binky away or shortening the nap time. Your child will have to adapt to his new home, and he will have plenty of time for it after the move.

Set the baby’s room first

If you have the chance to visit your new home before moving to it, it’s great! What you should avoid is moving your newborn to a new house that is filled with dirty moving boxes and dusty floors. Make sure to prepare the baby’s room first, so you don’t interrupt his routine. Setting a crib, cleaning the room thoroughly and sorting out baby’s necessities should be a priority.

Prepare your baby for the moving day

If you are moving the long distance, make sure that both you and your child get enough sleep before the moving day. Of course, this is not always possible, so you should find someone who can help you during the moving process. However, moving a long distance to Canada might involve your child’s paperwork. Make sure to visit a pediatrician, get the medical history papers and other documents needed for the relocation.

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