Moving to Budapest from Ontario – what’s to know?

The Old continent doesn’t lose its charms, and that is only one of the reasons why people move to Europe. It is a big transition to leave your country and start fresh in a totally new environment. It takes a lot of courage and determination. Luckily, Canadians fit the European way of life much easier than their Western neighbors. Since Canada is a diverse country, its residents are very familiar with the culture of the European cities. Still, while moving to Budapest from Ontario is a very exciting decision, it can also be a long and stressful process. However, if you have patience, the right information and a good plan, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience.

Get your papers in order

Canadians actually don’t need a visa to enter Hungary. Still, that means that you can stay only for 90 days. If you wish to move to Budapest permanently the best bet is getting work or a student visa.
You will get the best information if you go to the Hungarian embassy and ask directly, or by hiring the immigration lawyer to help you with this process.

Residence permits for Hungary

In order to overstay 90 days in Hungary legally, you need to acquire a residence permit. It will be best to start this process before you start to plan your relocation. While you can apply it once you settle down in Budapest, it is safer to start this process while you’re still in Ontario.
If you first want to experience is the Budapest the right fit for you, you can always apply for a residence permit at the Office of Immigration and Nationality in Hungary after arrival, and within 93 days
It’s better not to wait until the last minute. The best thing will be to start with this process as soon as your moving to Budapest from Ontario is complete.

After your application is accepted, with your residence permit you will also receive a  Registration Card and an Address Card.
The Registration card is only valid with the expat’s Address Card and passport.
In addition to the residence permit, you also need to get a work permit.

Moving to Budapest from Ontario will require a lot of paperwork.
Keep in mind that Hungarian bureaucracy tends to work little slower.

Other important documents

In addition to the valid passport which is the main document to travel abroad, you will also need to get your other papers in order certified and legally translated when you’re moving to Budapest from Ontario.
That applies to:

  • Your education degrees
  • Skills certificates
  • Job recommendations
  • Medical files
  • School grades transcripts if you are moving to Budapest with children
  • Bank statements (not necessary, but better safe than sorry)
Moving to Budapest from Ontario will require a valid passport.
Having a valid passport goes without saying.

Prepare your moving budget

It will be wise to try to predict the cost of your relocation or get the approximate moving costs. That way you will know just which amount you should set aside for the relocation and is it even affordable to you at this moment.
Don’t focus only on the cost of relocation – your moving budget should also include the living costs in Budapest, especially for the first two months.

If you’re moving to Budapest from Ontario because of the job and you have work waiting for you there, then you have to compare the living costs to your incomes. Still, the first paycheck will arrive on the first of the following month. That’s why is important to incorporate the living costs into your moving budget. Some moving companies have the online moving quotas estimators that can give you the general idea about the moving costs that you can expect.

A calculator.
Investigate all the costs that can have an effect on your moving budget.

Find reliable international movers

When you’re moving to Budapest from Ontario, that is a clear case of the abroad moving. That is maybe the most difficult form of the relocation process. If you aren’t moving just with the backpack on your back, you will need the assistance of the professional movers.
Finding the right moving company for this task require a lot of research since your belongings will be shipped overseas. The main goal is to arrive at your new home in Budapest without any damages, and for that, you will need to hire the best reliable movers that have experience in the international relocation, like Neeley’s Van and Storage. These movers for decades help Canadian to move abroad and they are more than capable to handle your move to Hungary on the safest and most efficient manner.

What to expect when you’re moving to Budapest from Ontario?

  • Language barrier
    While the locals on the tourist sites do speak the English language, in the small convenience stores or family restaurants that may not be the case. Still, the majority of Hungarian will be able to help you in your native language, especially the younger population. If you’re coming from the French side of Canada, you can forget about speaking on French in Budapest. It’s time to brush up on your English or to start learning Hungarian.
  • Historic landmarks
    Budapest is the city of remarkable beauty and rich history. It’s the real architectural wonder and the true representation of the European heritage. It has so many historical attractions that you won’t’s know which one to visit first. In fact, the historical heritage is one of the main reasons why people immigrate to Europe.
  • Rustic pubs
    One of the recognizable things in Budapest is its interesting rustic pubs. Vibrant energy is always present in these quaint and charming places. Here you can enjoy the variety of coffees, teas and of course – many kinds of beer.
  • Delicious food
    Hungarians are gourmands and the meat is the big part of their cuisine oriented on the form of comfort. The dishes are voluminous, very spicy and so delicious. There are interesting street food corners that you can try traditional finger food that is simply amazing.
  • Vibrant nightlife
    Besides the great pubs that are full every night of the week, there are some great nightclubs in Budapest that you can dance until the dawn. If you like dining out, there are many restaurant options – from the Michelin stars venues to the cozy family- owned places.

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