Moving to an island in the US – Top locations

Imagine living or retiring in a cozy little house that is just a short walk away from a beach, every you can spend every moment of every day. Amazing sunsets and sunrises being a part of your everyday routine… Idyllic, isn’t it? Island life has much more to offer to the ones that are willing to take a leap of faith, pack their suitcases and join an island community. If you are considering moving to an island in the US here you can find a short guide to some amazing relocation destinations that may be the perfect place to call home. Don`t wait for a month before your move to read our article. By then, you may not get a chance to change your mind, and choose some of the places from our list. 

A beach to visit after moving to an island in the US.
The island life is something amazing, and you need to experience it as soon as possible.

Moving to an island in the US-  the island life

Sure thing is that every town or even a neighborhood in the U.S. can have a different vibe or culture. Therefore generalization about few locations that are far away from each other is hard to be made. However, there is one fact that is usually true when it comes to the islands in the US. Islands tend to have closely connected communities. So if you like to get friendly with the neighbors, island life will be perfect!

Small islands in the US usually have a slow-paced lifestyle and are perfect for families or retirees. A safe living environment is a top priority for every family with young children. Even though some of the islands can be pricey when it comes to housing options, safety will be criteria adding to the value.

On the other hand, if you are young, and the above sounds dreadful, you should be looking for a bigger community to suit your lifestyle. Becoming an Islander in the U.S. doesn’t mean you will have to give up nights out or a rich social life.

Beaches, beaches, and more beaches

Moving to an island in the US will mean that beaches will become a huge part of your lifestyle. For Europeans moving to an island, or any coastal area, in the US, the first thing to notice will probably be how much Americans love the beaches! Surfing, water skiing, scuba diving, and swimming are some of the favorite outdoor activities in the U.S.! If outdoor activities sound too much for the beginning of your life in the US, no worries! Watching a sunset in good company will make you fall in love with the ocean!

A man surfing.
Surfing is something you will love doing after moving to an island in the US.

Moving to an island in the US from Europe – what`s to know

There is always going to be a culture shock to experience when moving to a foreign country. Therefore, give yourself time to adjust and get to know your new hometown.

An important question is will you be happy after the move? Moving is an exciting process that gives you a chance for a fresh start. However, do keep in mind that moving to another continent will entail a lot of planning and time.

So, Europeans moving to the US, the first thing to do is to choose the perfect place for your relocation and then make a detailed moving plan.

Could the Big Island, Hawaii, be the place you call home?

For most people, Hawaii always sounds just like a dream vacation destination. But how about living the vacation lifestyle all year around? The Aloha Spirit of the Big Island will make you forget about the firm handshakes and greet people with hugs and kisses on the cheek.

Moving to the Big Island at a glance:

  • Healthy lifestyle! Farmers markets with organic food are all around the island and every day during the week. Also, there are many great outdoor activities to enjoy. Watersports and hiking are the most popular ones.
  • Climate. The island has 11 microclimates which means that a 15 minutes drive can take you to another climate. This way you can cool off by driving into the rain or warm up by going to the hotter part of the island.
  • The outdoors and beaches!
  • Great education! Hawaii has many, top-ranked, public and private schools.
  • The culture and diversity! The culture of the Big Island is determined by its residents, who are considered to be multicultural and friendly. That has led to a great and diverse cuisine as well.

 Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket

There are so many similarities between these 2 great islands that choosing one of them will be a tough call!

Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are some of the favorite American getaways! These 2 charming islands are rich in history and used to be considered as whaling capitals of the  World!

Even though both islands are famous summer vacation destinations for the upper class, the closeness of the community there stays untacked.

A house in Nantucket.
Nantucket is an idyllic place, that you will fall in love with, without a doubt.

Moving to an island in the U.S.- life on MA islands

Massachusetts is a state that played a crucial role in the foundation of the nation and has a colorful history. Therefore, many of the buildings are historical monuments.

Walking around the gingerbread cottage neighborhood on Martha’s Vineyard is a complete joy, but buying one of those may be a bit harder. If you are looking to buy a house in MA, you will need to check if you can do any additional improvements without a permit.

It is hard to think of the cons of living on Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket. But if we do need to point some, those would be the weather and accessibility. The winters are cold and wet. 

The best of MA islands

The list of perks when living on one of these two amazing destinations is long, but let’s sum it up.

  • Safety! The concept of checking your locks and looking for your keys isn’t something the MA island residents are fully familiar with. Of course that you need a certain level of consciousness, regardless where you live, but these islands are just much safer than any other.
  • The seafood! Seafood doesn’t get any better than this, and yes, it is always a fresh, daily catch!
  • Pet-friendly! Bring your dogs to the beach, or fishing, or town, or work… Nevermind, just bring them anywhere you want!
  • The lifestyle! Just bring your flip flops and you are all set. MA Islanders are laid backed and relaxed.
  • The beaches and lighthouses! The beaches are beautiful and lighthouses will be something to be proud of when you become a local.
  • The summer events! There are many great outdoor events to see and be seen at, during the summer. Music and film festivals are a big thing there. You should also know that Vineyard residents are really proud of being the filming location for the Jaws!

Are you still contemplating whether moving to an island in the US would be the right choice for you? Think no more, but pick the right moving services in Europe, and get started with your new life!

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