Moving strategy – how to prepare when moving?

If you are ready for a fresh start, planning a move can start right now. The soon you start planning it, more successful it will be. Making a proper moving strategy is the main part of the successful move. From finding a reliable moving company, packing strategies to finding the new home and schools for your children, you have a lot of things to consider when planning a relocation. Take a time and make a plan and stick to it. Following the plan from start to finish will help you make your move as easy as possible.

Making a moving strategy
Start making moving plans right now!

Tips for efficient moving strategy

#1 Tip: Picking a moving date

The first thing you have to do is to pick a moving date. Our suggestion is to pick a mid-week, mid-month moving date. Also, from September to April the moving cost will be less expensive than moving during weekends and summer.

#2 Tip – Hiring decent moving company

The next thing is hiring a reliable moving company. You have to check the background of the moving company, reviews, and services. You want to be sure you are not dealing with fraudulent movers. Also, think about the cost of your relocation if you want to move on a budget. Compare quotes from different moving companies and pick the one that fits your budget. You should find the perfect balance between the moving budget and moving services.

#3 Tip – Declutter your home and arrange a yard sale

Every successful packing process starts with decluttering and cleaning out your home. You should pack and clean your garage strategically. Arrange a yard sale and get rid of all your junk. Also, you can donate some of your unnecessary items.

#4 Tip – Notify your utility company

Notify your utility company about your relocation, on time. So, your transfer of utilities can be easier and quicker. You want to make sure you have an access to cable and electricity immediately after the move. You don’t want complications after the move when you need time for unpacking and settling down

Plan your move properly

#5 Tip -Pack essentials moving box

After you pack all your heavy and large furniture items and other non-essentials it is time to pack your essentials moving box. Pack all the items you will need days and nights after the move such as cleaning supplies, clothes, canned food, etc.

6# Tip – Change your address

When planning a relocation make sure to change your address before the move. Notify USPS of your address change.

7# Tip – Hire extra help if you have children

If you are moving with children or pets it is a good idea to have an extra help. Save your health, time and energy and hire someone to help you watch them. When you have a lot of moving boxes to pack and transport, you really need the most of the help you can get.

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