Moving in together for the first time – what’s to know?

You and your significant other have been together for some time now and everything is wonderful. Either you’re at their place, or they are at yours, and you can’t seem to get enough of each other. Then, one of you comes to this great idea and proposes living together as an option. Great! You’ll have all this time to enjoy each other’s company. The period ahead will also be a test for your relationship and will show how compatible you two really are. So, before you pack your bags, there are some things to know before moving in together for the first time.

Two people holding fingers with matching tattoos of anchors
What if moving in together means going across the world?

Have a sincere and serious talk

However it may look like, this is a big step forward in your relationship. It will change things, for the better or for worse. Both of you should be honest about your motives. This is not a thing to be done just because your lease is up or “it’s what you’re supposed to do in that age”. Moving in together means commitment and enduring love. It means you are willing to tolerate each other on daily basis, whether you’re in a good or terrible mood. It also means sleeping together every night and no running away from arguments. Don’t get us wrong, it is a wonderful thing if you make it work, but it implies a lot of sacrifice and effort.

Love won’t pay the bills

This ought to be the second topic you address. It is important to talk about this early, agree on the budget and respect the split. Sometimes it won’t be 50/50 that suits you both. Rent, bills and food cost can be split in accordance with your salaries so that both of you are satisfied with the division. By doing so, you will avoid any unpleasant arguments where one can be called cheap or financially irresponsible later on.

A couple making a dish in a fancy kitchen
Cooking together is will make every meal that much nicer

Which place will you call home

Next, who’s place will it be? Are you willing to consider a new place altogether? How much space do you need? If you are working from home, chances are you will need a separate room just for that. Are there pets? Do they acquire any additional space? If both of you own one, consider how they’ll get along. How close are the parks, restaurants, and shops? Think of all the prerequisites your home should have in order to suit both of you.

What to do with all of your belongings when moving in together?

Take a good look at all the stuff you have in your drawers, closet and every other bit of storage space. Do yourself and your partner a favor and get rid of everything you no longer need. Chances are both of you have apartments filled with items that will be impossible to fit in your new home. Start with old magazines, brochures, and newspaper. Next are your clothes and footwear. Take everything out and be honest with yourself. We can guarantee that there are things you haven’t worn for over 2 years. A dozen pairs of sneakers are simply too much, especially when you consider that your partner probably has the same amount. You should both be ruthless and toss, donate or sell everything that is dispensable.

A couple sitting on the floor. She is reading and he is looking at a weird looking pig statue
Do you really need that weird looking pig statue?

What about furniture?

It is very likely that you will find duplicates of every piece of furniture. If you think about keeping everything – don’t. Double sofas, kitchen tables, and sets of plates should be decided upon – which ones will go to the new home. This way you will save a lot of money when moving. Moving companies have different charging rates, but it will always come down to the number of items you possess. Capital City Movers NYC offers great deals for interstate moves, but you should nonetheless be clever with your spendings. Besides, you do need to fit all of your combined belongings into your new home. It is highly unlikely you will find space for every single piece and make it look nice at the same time.

When choosing what goes to your new place, restrain from using this opportunity to get rid of the items you deem ugly or useless. Open communication and gentle suggestions are always a better option. Your partner may be more than willing to get rid of some items they might have overlooked. Likewise, they might hold some things dear and would like to keep. You should respect and understand such a wish.

Hands holding a normal looking piggy bank
Maybe you can have the more tame one his uncle gave him when he was 6?

No such thing as perfect anymore

In case you were able to hide some, one might say, embarrassing imperfections, be prepared to now share them. Quirks, habits, and flaws will be uncovered. However dreadful it may seem, it should not scare you. We all have our way of conducting daily tasks and familiarizing with each other’s will bring you two closer. The thing is, moving in together won’t match most of your expectations. You will most certainly irritate one another at some point. No amount of love can stand in the way of daily misunderstanding if it’s not attended. Communication and understanding are key. Be tolerant, but if there is something you cannot get over, have a talk. And we know that no one likes these talks, but you need to have them in order to keep your house a place of peace. Since you cannot have a talk at any time, we have an idea. Each of you should make a list during the week of all the things that work, as well as of those that are not functioning so well. When Sunday comes, go over them. At first, it will probably contain mostly negative items, but as time goes and as you work it out, it will become a list of positives. It doesn’t sound too fun, but it is practical and actionable. Keep it open, honest and positive as much as you can. And remember, it’s not you against your partner, but the two of you together against the problem.

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