Moving from Serbia to New Jersey – what’s to know?

Moving to a new place usually is tough and emotionally exhausting. On the other hand, some people find relocation to be an adventure, so they enjoy it. Whichever group you belong to, you must be happy if you’re moving from Serbia to New Jersey. If you lived in Serbia your whole life it can be a little bit hard to let go, but everything will come to its own as soon as you settle in your new home.

For starters, you need to know that NJ is located in the North-eastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the US. Although it is one of the smallest states, it has been ranked as the second wealthiest state. Therefore, it is one of the most desirable places to live in the whole of the country. Here are some more things you need to know before you even start to prepare for moving to New Jersey.

The weather

You may think that you know all about the weather, but you’ll get to know it much better when you move to NJ. Yes, Serbia experiences all four seasons but the weather rarely gets as severe as it can get here. Our professionals from Aceline Moving New Jersey¬†tell us that many people change their perception of the word blizzard when they arrive here. All of this means that you will have to get used to not leaving your home without waterproof boots, and battery on your car will never be of a low quality again.

Woman in the blizzard after moving from Serbia to New Jersey.
New Jersey is known for its blizzard, sou you’ll have to learn to love it.

You need an emergency plan

Because of the extreme weather that we just mentioned, power outages are possible here. Locals are, of course, used to them and they know how to handle them. However, for the newcomer, it can be very tough if you don’t know what’s happening after your moving from Serbia to New Jersey. All of this is why you need to have a place where you can go if something goes wrong. Or, at least, have an emergency kit consisting of water, a solar charger, and a source of heat.

You can’t pump your own gas

If you have ever been to the USA before your move, you know that on pretty much every petrol station you pump your own gas. However, that’s not how things go in New Jersey. Here, this is illegal. This rule exists since 1949 when they advised the public not to pump their own gas because of the fire hazards. This leads to a little longer wait to fill up and can cause some problems if you’re trying to make your Somerset County relocation fast and cheap. However, you hardly hear anyone complaining when there are snow and ice everywhere.

Man pumping gas.
One thing that you’ll find strange after your moving from Serbia to New Jersey is that you won’t be able to pump your own gas anymore.


And now for something that you haven’t expected for sure. Many restaurants in New Jersey have the policy of bringing your own bottle. You can bring your beer or wine with you to dinner and no one will say a word. The reasons for this are simple. Some restaurants aren’t licensed to sell alcohol, and this is how they get around it. There’s a lot more you need to know before starting over in America.

And that’s pretty much everything interesting and important that you need to know when moving from Serbia to New Jersey. Prepare to sit back and enjoy your flight to a new life.

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