Moving from Europe To the US – top pros and cons

There are advantages and disadvantages, no matter where you’re moving from, and regardless of where you’re moving to. Therefore, before you make even the first step, consider what you get, and what you lose. Here we are to make such a consideration. We’re throwing virtues and flaws of moving to the USA from Europe. I know you’ll say that they can’t compare, regardless of being European or an American. But, you’ll be so wrong. And here we are to show you why. There are good and bad sides, no matter what you decide in the end. We only want to make sure you understand that moving from Europe to the US has pros and cons. And we’ll be neutral on what shall your final choice be.

You’ll switch to dollars after moving to the USA from Europe

Is moving from Europe to the US a smart move? Here are pros and cons to that decision!

You probably heard that you have better chances to make money in America. Also, you definitely read somewhere that lifestyle is a lot more quality in Europe. So, how to make the decision where to live. Is it as simple as choosing between money and lifestyle? Of course, it’s not. So read about differences and likelinesses between Europe and America, and find out what you’d like.

Life pace differences: The Old Continent vs The US

In Europe, most of the people have a long lunch break. For commonly an hour and longer. During that pause, they may have a lunch, read the newspaper, and also have enough time to drink a cup of coffee with a friend. Also, after they finish their job/school, life is simple and almost everywhere slow. Comparing to the USA. So many people walk after job, having fun on their way home. And they spend almost enough time commuting home as an American does, although they’re using bus or subway/taxi. Another thing is that in most of the cities, after work, you don’t have nightlife during the working weekday. Most of the people have fun only during the weekend.

American and EU flags
Moving from Europe to the USA brings a lot of changes in your life

On the other hand, in America, things are almost completely different from Europe. A lunch break in the USA lasts commonly less than you need to have a decent meal. So prepare for eating fastly, and usually, work almost all of your day at work. Also, after you finish your job, there’s another nightmare you need to get used to. It’s the transportation to your home. Most of the Americans loose dozens of minutes, or even hours, to get to their job and back. So that’s very stressful, especially when you’re moving from Europe to the USA. You need to get used to a completely different kind of work and life in the States. But what might make you happy is the following. You may go out and enjoy nightlife almost everywhere in the USA almost every night!

So, Europe has a less stressful and a slow-paced life, and you can enjoy even during your job. On contrary, in the USA, you’ll experience a lot of stress during your working hours, and you’ll have a fast-paced life. But you’ll be able to go out and release all that stress almost every day!

Interpersonal relationship contrast between The USA and Europe

If living in an American city, you’re probably living in a multinational environment. Which isn’t that weird, having in mind that the first settlers in the US were from various countries of the world, mostly Europe. Therefore, from the young age, you’re used to having neighbors of different skin color, different nationality, different religion, and completely different life goals. And you’re ok with that, living your life as you think you should. So it makes it very easy for you to get to know somebody new, and to accept all the differences that might occur between you.

Completely different, in almost all European places, there’s commonly one nation, one religion and one skin color among inhabitants. With the exception of some European multinational cities, which are exceptions from the rule! It’s something that makes cultural differences between Europe and the USA so big. So moving from Europe to the USA is so much more demanding than in the opposite direction. It’s much easier to get used to being surrounded by the same looking and behaving people, than being forced to accept so many differences among people.

As a conclusion, having all previously said in mind, we may say that it’s a lot simpler to move from the States to The Old Continent, than the other way round But it’s not impossible, after all. We’re just suggesting what you need to prepare for if you intend to leave Europe and move to America.

Is moving from Europe to the US for a job reasonable solution?

Are job opportunities increasing when moving from Europe to the States?

We already discussed some job aspects in the first paragraph. But here, we’ll discuss it from a whole different angle. We’re here talking about chances to get a good, well-paid job. In Europe, there are some strong companies offering great salaries. So you may make a good living out of it. But the contrast between European countries is so big. Especially it’s big if you’re comparing EU members and those countries out of this organization. There are gaps that seem to be there forever, with no opportunity to be filled in sometime soon. Another obstacle, if you’re from a poorer part of Europe, and want to get a good job, is that you can’t compete for job equally with the EU citizens. So every Eu citizen shall have the opportunity to have a good job before you outside of EU.

In the USA, it’s a whole different world of jobs. Almost all of the best companies in the world are placed somewhere in America. So you have a chance to have a good job there, no matter where you live. Also, in case there’s not a job you’re looking for in your state, you may apply anywhere along the states to get it! With no restrictions! Therefore, an American only needs to have a willingness to learn. Also, to develop skills. And the sea of the jobs waits for him/her to jump into it! And there’s almost no difference in the salaries of a good worker between a strong, multinational company, and a smaller, more locally oriented firm.

We may realize that moving from Europe to the US means entering a free job market. A lot more free, and a lot greater than back in Europe.

Bottom line: You need to make the decision about moving from Europe to the US

Here are some conclusions you might get from this article:

  • Lifestyle contrast between the States and Europe- You live much slower and more relaxed in Europe, but you have a lot more chances to have a good time in the USA
  • Interpersonal relationship differences between Europe and America- Moving from Europe to the US means moving from the place where you’re surrounded with same-looking people to the place where you’ll be forced to accept so many differences.
  • Moving from The Old Continent to America for a job- In Europe, you have a closer relationship with everybody, being that people are much closer than in the USA, so you have a better chance to get a job being recommended for it. On the other hand, in the States, you have a lot more job opportunities and a lot more big companies to get a good, well-paid job.