Moving from Europe to Arizona

So, you’re living in Europe, but now you want to move to Arizona? Outstanding relocation! Moving from Europe to Arizona is not that common. Arizona is a state in the south of the US, and it borders Mexico, the state of New Mexico, and the state of California. Usually, when Europeans think of America, they usually think about huge cities like New York, Boston, Miami or Los Angeles. But there is more to the US, than those gargantuan human settlements. Take Arizona for example. Arizona houses pretty large cities also, like Phoenix and Tucson. But Arizona is more of a dry and warm landlocked state. If you’re imaginative, you can see the history of the USA through Arizona’s landscape. It has that classic western movie feel to it. Also, vexillologists (people who study flags) agree that Arizona has one of the prettiest flags in the world.

This is not how the Earth looks like.
Moving from Europe to Arizona – a long way.

If you’re from the UK, and you want to move to the USA, don’t act all colonial and stuff. Just kidding, UK citizens are very welcome in the US, even more so in Arizona. Moving from Europe to Arizona seems like a bold move, so here we will tell you what you can expect in Arizona. So, without further ado, let’s begin our analysis of Arizona.

The land of the Great Canyon

Yes, yes, Arizona is the land of the Great Canyon. If you’re from Europe, chances are that you are more familiar with the Great Canyon, than with the state of Arizona. And we don’t blame you. Great Canyon is a world-famous giant natural wonder. People from all around the world go to Arizona just to see the Great Canyon. Sometimes, people only go to the US, just to see that giant monument of nature. And that is understandable. Although you can use a natural path of the Great Canyon for your Arizona move, you should probably find different moving options in AZ. Marvel the nature of the Great Canyon, but stay safe.

Grand canyon river is flowing in a strange manner, you should check it after moving from Europe to Arizona
Arizona is a land of the Great Canyon.

Weather is actually nice, especially if you’re moving from Europe to Arizona

Arizona is a state that bathes in sun. If you’re moving from Europe to Arizona that may seem terrible, especially if you come from the Nordic countries like Sweden. But believe us, Arizona has ridiculously good weather. Phoenix is the state capital city that gets most sunshine out of all others in the US. Unless you’re allergic to the sun, and you need to prepare thoroughly for your move to AZ, the weather in Arizona is the kind of weather for which people are ready to pay a good amount of money. However, some preparation is needed for the state which nickname is “Valley of the Sun”. You need to have your sun protection creme if you’re outside during summer months, and you need to drink a lot of water.

Enjoy your new home in Arizona, and enjoy the sun especially! Have a nice life!

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