Moving boxes size chart

We can all agree that moving home isn’t an easy job. There are so many things you need to do, and that brings a lot of emotional stress. Packing your belongings is the task that’s challenging enough without figuring out what moving boxes size you’ll need. But, don’t worry, this guide will help you choose the best box sizes for every part of your relocation.

When you’re learning how to pack for relocation, you’ll find out that you’re bound to use many cardboard boxes. So, it’s crucial to know the best size of moving boxes for each part of your relocation. Now, here’s a moving boxes size chart that can help you.

Moving Packing Box - Moving boxes size chart
Understand moving boxes size.

Common moving box size

Using the right size of a moving box for packing your belongings will minimize damages while relocating. So, you must know what are the different box sizes for moving. Understanding what item goes in what box and how heavy to load them will make a huge difference when packing. A rule to follow here is that the heaviest items must go in the smallest boxes. The box size should go up while the items decrease in weight. Now, here’s some most common moving boxes size.

  • 1.5 cubic feet. This is the smallest moving box. Usually, the smallest and heaviest things are packed in these boxes. Also, they can hold up to 65 lbs.
  • 3.0 cubic feet. This is a medium size box and it’s perfect for smaller and heavier items. 
  • 4.5 cubic feet. This is a large box which likely is your most-used box along with the medium one. Therefore, make sure you have plenty of them. 
  • 6.0 cubic feet. This size is ideal for your lightest and bulkiest items. 
Boxes Tape
There are many sizes of moving boxes out there. Find those who fit you most.

Specialty moving boxes

You can’t pack everything you own into standard moving boxes. Some items require special protection, so you need specialty boxes. There are various specialty boxes you may use to make moving your belongings much safer and easier. Some of them are:

  • Wardrobe boxes. These boxes are perfect for packing hanging clothes because they come with a rod across the top. They also come in different sizes, from small, to medium and large. Wardrobe boxes are the perfect solution for clothes you can’t pack flat. 
  • Kitchen boxes. They are perfect for packing any fragile kitchenware. This box is the safest because it’s made of multiple layers so, it’s strong and durable. But, make sure you wrap your items into a bubble material first and then pack them into kitchen boxes. 
  • Picture boxes. Wondering how to pack fine art and antiques? Well, these boxes are the perfect solution. Use them to pack artwork and mirrors. They come up in medium and large sizes.
  • TV boxes. As the name says, these boxes are designed for packing TVs. Since they are made of multiple pieces, you can create the best size to fit your TV. 
  • Lamp boxes. These boxes are perfect for packing lamps up to 48” tall. Also, you can tape two-floor lamps together and pack them into these boxes.
  • Mattress moving boxes.  These boxes are perfect for packing mattresses. They come in many sizes to match the type of mattress you possess. But, their large size suggests they are the least durable of all the boxes. They serve as a covering that protects your mattress.
  • File boxes. Use these boxes for packing your files and paperwork in one place. 

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