How to move a gun safe?

Moving such a heavy object around is a truly challenging task for inexperienced people. It gets more difficult when stairs are involved. Safes can weigh over a thousand pounds, so if you are wondering how to move a gun safe, we advise hiring Verified Movers. The sheer weight of it makes your safe more protected, but so do the elements that go inside it. A lot of strength goes into becoming impenetrable. Just the locking mechanisms, and the hard and tough exterior your safe has, really adds the pounds.

How to prepare when you want to move a gun safe

It is very complicated to move a gun safe. Before ordering a safe, designate a place for it in your home, and commit to it. Decide that for the duration of your time in your home, the gun safe will stay in that specific place. However sometimes things happen, and it may be necessary to relocate it. Be sure you gather all the resources you need to get the job done safely.

When you move a gun safe follow these strict instructions

Get the safe as light as possible by removing everything from the inside. Ammo, boxes and anything else you keep in it go in a separate box for now. Label the box with your firearm and ammo with distinctive markin gs.

gun and bullets
Empty and secure your firearm before moving it.

Inquire if the moving company can park the moving truck with the rear facing the sidewalk or the driveway. How would you recognize a reliable mover in this market, especially a long distance one? All we can tell you is they will cater to your every request. In other words, they will do every step of the move the way you want it. For one, guide them to a rear park where the safe will be carried from. They will lower the ramp and be sure the path to get to the truck is as clear as possible.

Protecting your home when you move a gun safe

  • Cover walls, door openings, other furniture, and important items with scratch resistant material. This is important because an item this heavy could easily cut through the plastic wrap and similar covers. Anything that the safe will pass by in the home should be protected.
  • Clear the path for the safe in your home wherever possible. Some wobbling and curving could likely occur during transport.
  • Prepare a plank of wood to set up as a ramp if you have stepped from the front door to the vehicle. You’ll need a couple extra people on the lower side as you move the safe down the steps.

How to move a gun safe over 3 feet tall, too heavy for one person to lift

Gun safes are heavy in order to make them near impossible to steal if, God forbid, someone intrudes your home. Be prepared to spend extra money on gas and the actual move because of the added weight. However, with the best interstate moving professionals in Texas area you will not have those worries. They are the affordable experts you are dreaming of when you facing a daunting task – to move a gun safe to a different state. Here are a few guidelines we can offer you in this area:

A grey safe.
Tall and extra heavy safes are best moved by professionals.
  • Rent a furniture dolly or a forklift. We even recommend buying one from a home improvement store instead of renting or borrowing one. Then you’ll have it whenever you need it. It pays in the long run.
  • Slide the dolly underneath the safe and stabilize it to move a gun safe without accidents.
  • Ensure your path is cleared, and begin slowly moving the best gun safe out of the room.

How to move a gun safe around corners and obstacles

Going around corners is tough. Remember that the best way for a difficult move is to hire professional movers. They can do this without much hassle. One person should stand on the far side of the safe to support the safe from the back side. Go wide – swing the dolly a bit further out than you initially think is necessary. That will allow the safe and dolly to be turned at an easier angle without striking the wall or the person providing support from the rear.

How to load a gun safe into moving trucks/vehicles

To be ready to move a gun safe without expert help, you have to be really strong and capable. We certainly do not advise heavy lifting to people leading normal lives and doing sedentary jobs.

  • Assemble the entire team (add a few extra people if you can) at the bottom of the ramp leading into the back of the truck. Moving companies organize this on a daily basis, so think about enlisting help from pros.
  • Everyone in your team will need to stand behind the safe. Buy some truck straps, because of this the time to tie them around the safe. Now have one person stand in front of the safe. That person will pull while everyone else pushes. This pulling exercise won’t be really effective, but the main goal here is that this person will be sort of a guide to everyone else. That way you ensure the safe doesn’t derail or fall off the dolly.
  • After you’ve prepared well, organized everyone and you finally start pushing the safe up the ramp, do not stop! Momentum is the most important factor when you move a gun safe. Pro movers know this well. By the time you reach the top of the ladder, you will have enough momentum to easily move the gun safe into the desired position inside the truck.

How you move a gun safe that is on the smaller side

With smaller ones, the process of how to move a gun safe is exactly the same but, fortunately for everyone involved, it will be less intense. Again, follow the above steps, but you won’t need as many people or as much strength. If the safe is light enough to be carried, enlist at least two people for added support. Set the safe down gently and be mindful of doorways, walls, and obstacles when passing through hallways. Do not set the safe on top of anything else, even the smaller ones could crush other objects.

To move a smaller safe use the same technique as for a heavy one.
To move a smaller safe use the same technique as for a heavy one.

The best way to move a gun safe

Even though now you know how to move a gun safe, we don’t say you should. The process is tough but can be stress-free with experienced movers. One thing to keep in mind is the best location for the safe in your new home. Set it in the place where it will stay for the remainder of the time in that house.

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