Most Popular Vacation Activities in Paris

Traveling is one of the most joyous events in one’s life. It broadens our horizons and gives us a chance to meet other cultures, see new outstanding places and gain extraordinary new experiences. Above all, it is immensely exciting and yet relaxing. To the people in the USA, Europe is a unique passion. It isn’t uncommon for them to visit Europe and then suddenly start exploring intercontinental relocation tips because they have decided to move there. They love visiting European capitals and Paris is one of their favorites. So, what are the most popular vacation activities in Paris? What can you expect when visiting the City of Light? We can give you a hint on that.

Observe Paris from the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly one of the world-famous symbols of the French capital. Visiting Paris and not climbing this breathtaking construction is inconceivable. With 324 meters, this is the tallest structure in the City of Light. It was designed by Gustave Eiffel in the 1880s and now it is one of the most visited places in the world. So, if you seek adventure, arm yourself with patience and enough energy and climb around 1,700 steps to the top. Of course, should you find this too demanding, there is an elevator to take you to any of the floors you want, so don’t fret about it.

the Eiffel Tower - visiting it is one of the most popular vacation activities in Paris
Visiting Paris and not climbing this breathtaking construction is inconceivable.

Visiting sites that celebrate art is one of the most popular vacation activities in Paris

If you are an art lover, after visiting Paris, you will need U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn immediately. Why? Because you will need impeccable moving assistance to make Paris your new home. These professionals will help you easily to make your dream come true. With so many museums and galleries, your life in Paris will be a never-ending expedition to the past focused on impressive masterpieces.

Explore the Louvre Museum

Once a royal palace, the Louvre is now one of the most visited world museums. 60,600 square meters of this area are reserved for various exhibitions. The collections available at the museum are divided into eight distinctive categories. The wealth of masterpieces available here makes the Louvre Museum a favorite destination of the USA art students. Namely, very often, these students decide to spend a gap year in Europe and Paris and the Louvre, in particular, are always among the destinations they choose.

The Louvre
The Louvre is one of the most visited museums in the world.

Observe the breathtaking sculptures at the Musée Rodin

If you have ever visited the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, you will be very interested in what the Musée Rodin in Paris has to offer. A visit to this museum is one of the most popular vacation activities in Paris because visitors have an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy 6,000 of Rodin’s sculptures. Moreover, they can see about 8,000 drawings and gouaches. Frequently, the museum hosts some special exhibitions and also exhibits some of the contemporary works of art.

Pay a visit to the Musée d’Orsay

The Musée d’ Orsay is, by all means, the temple of the most prominent impressionist and post-impressionist artists in France. Besides the paintings of Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Renoir, Degas, Cézanne and many others, here you can also see furniture, photographies, and sculptures dating back from the 19th century.  What adds to the uniqueness of this site is the fact that the museum is located in the former Beaux-Arts railway station. We cannot but admit that the location also makes this museum so special.

Don’t miss the finest example of the French Gothic architecture

Notre Dame de Paris is a stunning Roman Catholic cathedral situated in Paris. This magnificent example of French Gothic architecture will charm you completely with both its exterior and interior. Furthermore, if you want to experience the pure joy of a panoramic view of Paris, climb 387 steps to the top of its towers. Then, you can take a deep breath, clear your mind just observe and enjoy.

A visit to Arc de Triumph is yet another of the most popular vacation activities in Paris

Arc de Triumph was built in the 19th century in the honor of imperial armies. You will be fascinated by the fact that 558 names of French generals and the great victories are engraved on the top. Also, the terrace on the top of the arc is yet another opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of Paris. So many attractions in only one of the European capitals make it utterly appealing as a new home location. Moving there from the USA is challenging indeed, but with a proper organization, nothing is impossible. You don’t even have to relocate all your belongings. Instead, find cheap storage units in New York, Miami, Chicago or anywhere else in the USA. This will significantly ease the moving process.

Arc de Triumph -  a visit ot it is one of the most popular vacation activities in Paris
Arc de Triumph was built in the 19th century in the honor of imperial armies.

Take a walk down the most beautiful avenue in the world

Yes, indeed. If you have had any doubts about the most beautiful avenue in the world, a mere look at Camps Elysées will provide you with an answer. This slightly less than 2km long avenue is full of pleasant cafes and restaurants, numerous boutiques with fashionable clothes and irresistible places of entertainment. Leaving Paris without taking a walk down this avenue is an enormous mistake.

Don’t forget a visit to Versailles among the most popular vacation activities in Paris!

Visiting Paris and missing the Versailles is a bad decision. This 17th-century castle used to be a valid proof of French supremacy and immense military power at the time. The whole area is actually a unique complex of gardens, buildings, and terraces which leaves no visitor indifferent. If you visit Versailles, you will be amazed by antique furniture, manicured gardens, Renaissance works of art and many more.

A visit to Disneyland – one of the most popular vacation activities in Paris for kids

Even the youngest tourists in Paris have a perfect place to enjoy. After taking your kids to the kingdom of Minnie, Mickey and countless other Disney characters, making them willing to move to Paris won’t be a problem. You can prepare for moving in no time, and your kids will see the relocation as something positive and desirable.  Thus, we strongly suggest visiting and exploring the City of Light before you finally move there.

Choose among the most popular vacation activities in Paris according to your preferences

Although we have provided you with the list of the most popular vacation activities in Paris, that doesn’t mean that going off the beaten track would be less interesting and enjoyable. The only thing you need is a plan and to make the perfect plan, search for the relevant information. Use the available means – the internet, reputable forums, recommendations and make a list of the places to visit. This is a proper strategy for a promising adventure.