Most popular Florida places among international students

Students are always on the search for a good university, an affordable city to live in, and a place where they can have lots of fun. This is why The United States is where most of them end up moving to from other countries. There are many international students in the US and this is because there are all the things students are searching for to be found there. And one of the states where moving to as a student is a good idea is Florida. Not only are there many great universities and colleges in Florida for foreign students but there are also lots of affordable places where they could move to. And as this is so, most of these places have been turned into college towns where college students have everything they need and more. If you are planning on moving to the States from another country, here is where you can read about popular Florida places where international students should consider moving to.


Of course, one of the most popular Florida places among international students is Miami. This is one of the biggest cities in the state and it makes a lot of sense that it is the one attracting a lot of attention from students all over the world. Everyone knows about Miami. A lot of very popular movies and TV shows take place here which is why it has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. But that is not the only reason why

Miami is a very beautiful city. Moving there as a student from another country is a great idea.

Miami is a very beautiful, modern city. There are so many great things that come with living in Miami. For starters, great university. The Florida International University is in Miami and so are Miami International University of Art & Design and Florida National University which are very popular among international students. You cannot consider Miami to be an affordable city to live in as it is big and quite busy. A lot of people want to live there which is why housing here is very expensive. Especially if you want to live in the city center.

But, one thing’s for certain, when compared to other major cities in the country, it is very affordable. And it is not that you can’t find affordable housing. You can. But there are some disadvantages to that. For example, you could find an affordable apartment to rent in the city center but it is surely going to be very small. This is why you will most likely end up having another additional expense – a safe place for excess stuff you are not able to store inside this small Miami apartment. If moving from abroad, you will certainly be moving lots of things with you to Florida.

Miami Beach

Another one of the most popular Florida places among students is Miami Beach. No matter where you are moving from, you can settle in without problems into a lovely Miami Beach home with the help of professional movers. Moving here is a great idea as this is a town relatively close to Miami but a more peaceful one. It is located on the island by the coast which is why it isn’t very affordable. But we know that there are many students among those moving from other countries not looking for an affordable place to live in and we believe we should give them some options as well.

Miami Beach.
Miami Beach is one of the most interesting places in Florida as it is a city on an island.

If that is the case with you, you are in luck. Moving to Miami Beach is nothing but a good idea if you ask us. There are lots of things you can do here. Even better, plenty of places where you could find a good job. Miami Beach has plenty of locally-owned shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants where international students could get a job. This is where many of them already do work and a lot more of them come. This means that you already know where you will be able to meet new people and have some fun. Florida surely is one of the most charming US states where moving to as a student is an amazing opportunity.

Fort Lauderdale

The third place of many of them that are popular Florida places is Fort Lauderdale. It is another town located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. What is different about it from the previous two cities we talked about is that this one is actually affordable. You can find housing here easily as there are plenty of new homes being built all the time. There are so many buildings where you can find a cheap apartment to rent. If you manage to find a roommate, the living expenses will be much lower and easier to handle.

Fort Lauderdale.
Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful small coastal town where moving to as an internal student is a great idea.

Fort Lauderdale has some amazing universities as well which is why there are a lot of international students here. You can meet a lot of students here from other countries which is what makes living here fun. You can hire City Movers to help you relocate here. And even if you end up relocating to another Florida city from Fort Lauderdale, they are the ones to call.

More popular Florida places

Here are some more popular Florida places:

  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • St. Petersburg
  • West Palm Beach.

Those would be just some of the popular Florida places among the students from all parts of the world. Godo luck with choosing yours!