Most common challenges New Yorkers face when moving to Europe

Living in New York is an adventure by itself. Being in the center of every event, surrounded by the crowd in each moment, fighting to stand out. This is the most populous city in the US and probably the most popular one globally. In a time in here you will adapt and this will become your ordinary life. After that, you will start to look for a new trill. When you are not entirely happy in your current place in life it is time for a change. The most common way to begin something exciting is to move but change from the root begin on the new ground. If you decide to move to Europe, you have to be aware of the most common challenges New Yorkers face when moving to Europe.

Starting point

This is going to be a big shift in your life, so it is essential to plan it as thoroughly as possible. You will have so many questions about this. Write them down and try to answer them. Try to find the solution for every trouble you think you may have on this quest, in advance. Find some basic answers :

  • Find your dream place and explore it as best as you can. Nowadays, you can have the access to every part of the planet from the comfort of your armchair. Explore the things you like and find the perfect spot to achieve your dreams.
  • Make a detailed moving plan. If you are planning to relocate your life entirely, be sure to have a minutely planned move. Make a checklist, from the procurement of paperwork to unpacking the boxes in a new apartment.
  • Save the energy for the most important thing: Adaptation. Take everything into account. This way, you will reveal yourself and easily overcome the most common challenges New Yorkers face when moving to Europe.
Pencil on the notebook
You should have a plan

Challenges are an integral part of relocation

Prepare yourself for this. Have in mind that you will meet some obstacles on this road. The most common challenges New Yorkers face when moving to Europe are usually the process of applying for a permanent visa, and then after you arrive, cultural shock and adaptation on the life out there. One of the biggest tasks will be moving, because you have to relocate everything you have and what you think you might need. Have in mind, that you can find great associates in this quest in the Transparent International NYC company. Save your energy for some other stuff and leave your moving to experts.

Stay in there

Moving abroad is hard and don’t let anyone say it otherwise. At the start of this journey, you will have to find the right way to stay in Europe. This is not going to be a new tourist destination for you but your new living place. The easiest way to stay in Europe permanently is to find a job there. The moment you find a job in one of the European countries, you will be able to apply for the E.U. Blue Card. This document will allow you to live, stay, and work in Europe. The other way is to apply for foreign residence. Long term visa allows you to study, work remotely, get hired, start a business, or even retire in Europe. Don’t forget to begin with house hunting on time, after all the trouble you will need a place to stay.

Different culture

Once you move you are going to experience culture shock. Meeting different languages and the way of life can be stressful and exciting at the same time. You will experience new living situations, food, customs, and social mannerisms, which may cause great waves of homesickness. You will miss well-known things, from your familiar surrounding to your friends. Be open to the new routine and try to prepare as much as you can. The more you expose yourself and get out of your usual comfort zone, the more you’ll start to gather routine and familiarity.

Pizza and beer
Some new habits will not be so hard for you

Your ability to adapt will depend on you. Have in mind that you will grow this way. Getting to know new customs, traditions, and cultures will greatly enrich you. At least, moving your household does not have to be tricky. You can easily find experts to give you a hand. After all the changes that will cause you to stress, allow yourself to make the move go smoothly.

You will have something to say

Moving to a foreign country means that you will expand your social circle. You will make some new friendships and relationships. In each situation, you have to communicate and the language barrier can be a problem if you are not ready. The best option, to overcome this, the most common challenge New Yorkers face when moving to Europe, is to take language classes before, and especially after, moving to a foreign country. Even if you bring your knowledge of the language to perfection it is important to practice all the time. Put yourself to the test. Try to surround yourself with some people and use your knowledge in practice.

The devil is in details

The most common challenges New Yorkers face when moving to Europe are adjusting to a different type of currency. Be careful with the money at the beginning. The value of the specific amount of money is not the same in each place. Explore the market and visit some stores. In the beginning, carefully allocate your incomes until you figure it out. You can always search for the most affordable cities in Europe if this will help you to make it easier to deal with money.

Euro bank note
Most common challenge New Yorkers face when moving to Europe is the new currency

Try not to pay so much attention to the“New kid” Syndrome you are going to experience. Even if you will feel like an outsider, probably you are not the one. It is all right for you to have some outbursts. People will have understanding. Invest your energy into enjoying. Meet some new people, have some fancy meal and explore tour new surrounding.

At the top of this, have trust in your decision and in yourself. This may be the greatest adventure in your lifetime and a large number of new events can be triggered by this step. Be open and optimistic. There is no way that this can go wrong. With some help, you can easily overcome the most common challenges New Yorkers face when moving to Europe and become someone new but still you.

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