Most affordable cities in Scandinavia

Are you thinking about moving to some of the Scandinavian countries? We’re going to tell you right away – that may be a splendid idea. After all, if you’ve been looking into this, you already know that these countries have the best living standards not only in Europe – but in almost the entire world. So, why wouldn’t you want to move there? Well, for one – the cost of living may be somewhat too pricey for many people. Don’t worry though – that’s why we’re here to help you with finding the most affordable cities in Scandinavia!

Why is Scandinavia a good option – and why not?

Let’s face it – when you’re looking for a good place to relocate to, there’s a whole host of factors you’re taking into account. Of course, if you decide that an international relocation is something you can pull off – even better! That means you’ve got a lot more options when it comes to picking a place for your new home. And under almost type of scrutiny, Scandinavia is the sole region in the world that holds up and passes the bar. To put it simply – in these few wintery countries, life is pretty good.

A map.
It’s time to travel! And to some of the best cities in Scandinavia!

Naturally, as in most cases – there are downsides. Or, at least in this case – one downside. But for some people, it may be a big one: money. As you might already suppose, the high quality of the Scandinavian way of life comes at a price. Around here, living costs can get pretty high compared to the rest of the world. And, like most people, you’re probably looking to save some money when moving, right? Don’t worry, though – it’s not impossible to live somewhere in Scandinavia without sacrificing too much money.

Rural areas are the way to go in Norway

So, the question is – can you find affordable cities in Scandinavia? Or at least towns where life is a bit cheaper than the norm for this region – but still just as good? Luckily for you, the answer is – yes. If you’re not just looking for the best cities, and don’t care too much about how urban your environment is; you’ll do just fine in Scandinavia. As in most other places, the rural areas in this region are quite a bit cheaper than living in a big city.

So, if you’re thinking about living in Norway; everything north of Bergen means that you’ll be having substantially smaller costs. First of all, houses are much cheaper in small rural villages. And you’ll be surprised just how many amenities you’ve got nearby. Indeed, the infrastructure of Scandinavia, in general, is another reason why more and more people are moving there. But, if you’re looking for a lot of different activities and many different people; these villages might seem boring to you. At the end of the day, it’s all about adjusting your lifestyle to the local way of life; or just finding a place that already fits you.

Real estate prices have been rising in cities in Scandinavia

For our next piece of advice, we’re going to move away to Norway’s first neighbor – Sweden! And when it comes to Sweden, you’ll be pleased to learn that their economy has been booming in the past decade. But is this the country where you can find affordable cities in Scandivania? Well – yes and no. In this case, it’s really all about what you do and how much you earn. On one hand, the growing Swedish economy has allowed Sweden’s citizens to enjoy bigger salaries and a more relaxed life. But on the other – real estate prices have also been rising. That means that adjusting after moving to Sweden might not be as easy as one might think.

Especially if your chosen profession is not widely sought after around here. Nevertheless – if your paycheck can handle that, Stockholm may actually be a great city for you. Otherwise, we suggest two options. Either think about just renting a place instead of buying a home here, or if you’re really keen on home ownership; get a house in one of the small villages, and commute to the local urban center for work. That way, you get both the prices of a small town and a big-city salary.

A smartphone and earphones next to a compass, on a map of Scandinavia.
Salaries have been rising in Sweden – but so have cost!

Go North, if you can

As we’ve already mentioned – the farther you go northward in Scandinavia, the more you’ll see real estate prices go down. So, while living in these places may seem more sedentary; this is actually the best way to find the most affordable cities in Scandinavia. And it doesn’t have to be a rural village we’re talking about either! There are a few urban centers to the North as well; and sure, they may not give you as many options as the southern capitals. But if you can find a career there, you may actually end up saving quite a lot of money.For example, we’re talking about places like the seaside city of Kalmar. And sure, by population, this is barely a city, basically a small town. But on the other hand, if you can find a job in the manufacturing industry there, you’ll find yourself with both lower living costs and real estate expenses.

A view of the famous Kalmar Castle during the day - one of the best cities in Scandinavia
Apart from being cheaper, Kalmar is also rich in culture and one of the best cities in Scandinavia!

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