Most affordable capital cities in Europe

Are you moving to Europe? Although some parts of Europe are very expensive, there are still a lot of cities that can offer you almost the same quality of living but at a lesser price. The whole of Europe sits on massive amounts of history and culture. There’s no need to weirdly overestimate that fact. So, wherever you choose to start fresh in Europe – you’re in for a treat. In the article below, we’ll get you acquainted with some of the most affordable capital cities in Europe. Some, of course, will be left unmentioned. These are our favorites.

Belgrade, Serbia

This one is for all you hedonists out there. Situated on the border between the West and the East, the city is quite known for its quality restaurants offering everything from traditional Serbian cuisine to sushi. Rich with historical monuments, such as the Kalemegdan fortress or the Temple of Saint Sava, the city is a tourist paradise. Moving to Belgrade might be the best option if you like big city living but you don’t want to spend a fortune. Also, the city is widely recognized for its notoriously good club scene. Definitely check this one out, you won’t regret it.

Winter panorama of Belgrade
Sitting on the border between East and West, Belgrade is one of Europe’s finest hidden gems.

Bucharest, Romania

Located not far from Belgrade is another hidden gem of Europe. Well, the whole region is still unexplored and unknown to some people. Don’t be in that crowd. The capital of Romania, Bucharest is a great place to live. If you’re collecting interesting facts, here’s one: the largest (not the tallest) building in Europe is located in Bucharest. Built by Nicolae Ceaușescu, a Romanian communist-era dictator, the Palace of the Parliament has a floor area of 365,000 square meters. Did you know that? It’s also the heaviest building in the world. Bucharest was once dubbed the Paris of the Balkans, so you should definitely visit this one.

The largest building in Europe, the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, the Paris of the Balkans

Tbilisi, Georgia

Known for its remarkable and diverse architecture, Tbilisi is among the top tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. The capital city of Georgia has a lot to offer. The city is filled with Eastern Orthodox churches and imagery giving Tbilisi its undeniable mystical dimension. What should you do once you settle in Tbilisi? Ride a cable car to Narikala Fortress or walk over the famous Bridge of Peace to get the feel of the city. Also, Tbilisi has a wonderful botanical garden you surely don’t want to miss.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A part of the great Ottoman Empire until the late 19th century, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a real treat if you’re a fan of the Orient. The city is among the most affordable capital cities in Europe. Take a walk down the famous Baščaršija and have a taste of čevapčići to get a better understanding of the town’s aura and the friendly life-affirming mindset of its inhabitants. Meet some locals and they will gladly take you on a tour of the city. You basically don’t need a guide. That’s one thing about the Balkans none can deny – the hospitality of its people.

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