Mistakes to avoid when organizing business relocation

Organizing business relocation is not an easy task. Anybody who has ever tried to move their business knows that there are many things that can go wrong there. But, if you know what the typical moving mistakes are, you are more likely to avoid them. Now, let’s take a look at the most common mistakes that occur when people are relocating their offices.

1. Not leaving enough time to do the relocation properly

Don’t expect that you and your coworkers can do your work regularly until 5 pm on Friday, then pack everything and be in your new office by Monday 9 am. Of course, that would be the best-case scenario, but it is not realistic. Business relocation is a big thing and it has to be taken seriously. It might even take months for you to prepare everything before the actual moving day. Don’t forget that the premises that you are leaving are probably going to be occupied by new tenants as soon as you go, so you will have to be careful not to overstay the deadline set with your previous landlord. And, remember to leave the place clean and in a condition that you moved into some time ago. 

An empty office space with three rows of windows and their reflection on the floor.
Don’t forget to leave your old office space in a condition that you would like to find your new one.

2. Not hiring professionals when organizing business relocation

Only an amateur can think that office relocation can easily be done without professional assistance. Such a mistake can cost you much more than you would save by not hiring movers. So, you should find a business relocation team from NJ in time and set the date for your move. Expecting your employees to participate in packing is one thing and that makes sense. However, it wouldn’t be nice of you to ask them to perform the relocation, so do not hesitate to hire movers. 

3. Moving all of your possessions

We often fall into a trap of thinking that we actually need all the stuff that we have. But, deep down we know that it is not true. Bear this in mind whether you are planning a home or an office relocation. The best time to get rid of all the unnecessary items is while you are preparing for moving. The benefits of such an action are numerous, and these are just some of them: 

  • You will do a good deed by donating some useful stuff that you no longer need (think about donating your old IT equipment to a local school that lacks some)
  • You can even earn by selling outdated or unnecessary equipment or furniture
  • You will have fewer items to move which means cutting moving expenses.
  • You will not clutter your new offices right away with the things that you do not really need. You should think about that while organizing business relocation.
A person is using an old typing machine, a cup of coffee and a mobile phone on a desk too.
While organizing business relocation you can consider switching to more modern technologies.

4. Not doing a moving company background check 

Hiring professionals to do your business relocation is always a smart decision. However, just being ready to pay for the service is not enough from your part. You will have to do research before you hire a company to help you relocate. Make a call and ask everything you need to know so that you can be sure that they are the right company for you. Once you get your answers, check the online reviews and maybe you can even contact some of the companies from the list of clients to check what their experiences were. This might seem like a little bit too much, but it is your company’s time and money that is at stake. Professional movers like those from Van Express Movers will know what you need and they will be ready to cater to your needs. You shouldn’t settle for less. 

5. Not packing properly

You can save a few dollars by hiring a moving company to relocate your office and asking your employees to participate in packing and unpacking. That should be fair enough. Your workers know best what they do and do not need and where they would like their stuff to be in their new offices. Your part of the job here is to provide them with proper packing materials and to instruct them on how not to overload the boxes. Remember that packing materials are not just boxes. You and your employees will need some scissors, tapes, ropes, labels, markers and much more. And even if you decided to hire professionals to do this part of the relocation process for you, you and your employees can do a lot of work while movers pack your stuff.  

6. Disconnecting your electronics before memorizing how to connect them again

Ok, it’s a silly thing, but it can happen to everyone. This could be a problem if none of your employees is familiar with setting up the equipment that you are using. The best piece of advice that you can get if you are trying to relocate your office by the DIY method is to take photos of the disconnecting process step by step. Or, you can film it. That is going to make your life so much easier when it is time for you to reinstall the equipment all over again

A person's hand unplugging a cable from a wireless router before taking a photo of it which should be done when organizing business relocation
Take step-by-step photos of disconnecting cables if you are not sure how to connect them again

7. Underestimating the time and effort needed for office furniture relocation

When it comes to moving your office furniture, you should really consider hiring professional movers to do it for you. You probably do not own the necessary equipment to move your furniture safely. Plus, why would you put any of your workers under the risk of being injured? That can be traumatizing and it would cost you even more in the long run. 

8. Not insuring your possessions when organizing business relocation

We are all dreaming about smooth relocation when it is time to move, but in reality, things happen. That is why you always have to pay insurance for the items that are valuable to you and your business. Moving companies will probably offer you some of the insurance packages, but you can also search for yourself and pick an offer that suits you best. Whatever you do, just do not skip this important step in organizing business relocation.  

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