Manhattan’s best neighborhoods to live in

Our pick of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods

Midtown East

Midtown East is one of the best neighborhood for a person that is coming from a foreign city to NYC. People of Midtown are nice, down to earth and quite attentive to their neighborhood. This has led to well-maintained buildings, quiet streets and a safe neighborhood. Expect that you will meet with your neighbors soon after moving in and that you will work with them in order to keep Midtown East as it is. Although this neighborhood doesn’t really have the look of a “Manhattan neighborhood”, we still advise you to check it out. We are still surprised at how they managed to keep their neighborhood clean and safe while living in the crazy jungle of NYC. And, don’t worry, if you start craving a bit of craziness that Manhattan has to offer, it is always a subway ride away.

Manhattan neighborhood.
Some Manhattan neighborhoods are truly gorgeous.

Upper West Side

Living in NYC is pointless if you don’t experience the true NYC people. And, you cannot find a truer NYC neighborhood then Upper West Side. People living here are what you imagine when you think of NYC. Therefore it is no surprise that the Upper West Side is the birthplace of Seinfeld. Grocery shops, coffee bars, and decent restaurants are around every corner, which makes walking around Upper West Side a joy. Besides the neighbors, you’ll be able to experience gorgeous architecture and breathtaking green areas. Both Riverside Park and Central Park are nearby, which makes living in Upper West Side one of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. So, if you want to live an authentic NYC life, move to Upper West Side.


SoHo is a true testament to how much a neighborhood can change over the years. It first started as an industrial zone that soon became desolated. Factories that worked for years simply closed down during the ’50s and ’60s. After them came artists who started inhabiting old factories and remodeling them into open apartments. Now, Soho is neither an artistic neighborhood nor an industrial one. But, it is still one that is on the artistic side. It is a neighborhood where young people move into from small cities to enjoy the more alternative lifestyle of NYC. The art, the vibe, the culture, all are there to feed the artist in you. You do not move here to earn a lot of money or make it big in the stock market. You move here if being an artist in NYC is something you’ve always dreamed of.

SoHo, one of Manhattan's best neighborhoods
Some buildings in SoHo are truly gorgeous.

Lower East Side

Lower East Side is a testament to gentrification. Gentrification, for those of you who don’t know, is the process of making a neighborhood more open to different cultures and lifestyles. And, since Lower East Side was for a long time a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, you’d be surprised at how diverse it became. People from all walks of life have moved into Lower East Side making it more vibrant and interesting. You’ll be able to experience a different culture, eat at various restaurants and meet people who have heritages from all over the world. Not to mention the NYC nightlife, which you cannot find anywhere else in the world. So, Lower East Side is not for someone who is looking for a quiet place for their family. But, if you are a young person looking for an exciting neighborhood to live in, look no more.


If, on the other hand, you want to see what a neighborhood looks like when it is going through the final stages of gentrification, then go to Harlem. This neighborhood is becoming more and more diverse as the years go by, but it still maintains it’s long-standing root as one of the most important African American neighborhoods. Many Jazz, Hip hop and rap artists grew up in Harlem, and you will have a hard time experiencing their music if you do not know what the neighborhood is like. Therefore, it is no surprise that most of the people who want to study music in NYC, come to Harlem.

A person holing a saxophone.
Harlem is one of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods for studying music.

But, even if you are not a musician, living in Harlem can be awesome. It is a very green neighborhood that has a lot of subway lines going through it. Along with that, you have affordable apartments, great subway lines, and excellent restaurants. And, with the help from Heart Moving Manhattan NYC, moving to Harlem will be a breeze. So, overall, living in Harlem is a great decision for anyone who wants a decent, balanced life in NYC.


If you’ve got money, and since you are moving to Manhattan, we assume you do, and you are looking for one of the Manhattan’s best neighborhoods to raise a family in, then Tribeca is for you. This neighborhood is tailor-made for people who have a lot of money and who are willing to spend it on their family. If you choose to move to Tribeca you will experience safe streets, great schools, excellent restaurants and proximity to everything Manhattan has to offer. Furthermore, if you are working in finance, then Tribeca is the neighborhood for you. After all, why move to Manhattan if you are not going to take advantage of the financial aspect of it.

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