Main reasons why Americans move to Europe

In recent times, more and more Americans have been moving abroad. The most recent statistics state that nearly 9 million Americans have moved outside of the country. 26% of them have moved to Europe. If you are wondering why that is, we hope to help you find the answer by giving you the answer to why Americans move to Europe, and maybe you will see that this might also be what you want to do as well.

Experiencing different cultures

From almost anywhere in Europe, it is easy to get to other European countries. Whether it is by train, plane or even bus, for a fraction of what people pay for a flight in America you can visit almost anywhere in Europe. An entirely different language and culture is only a few hours away, at any time. While living in America, making a trip to Paris or Greece for example is quite expensive and complicated, planning such a trip when living in Europe can be quite easy, and it is a great opportunity to experience a new culture.

A good education system

For those looking for an education in Europe, one of the reason why Americans move to Europe is the fact that Europe is home to many of the world’s most prestigious universities and institutions of higher learning. Europe also has some of the most exciting student cities in the world. These universities and institutions vary in language, lifestyle and living costs, but they all offer a good quality of education. European academies value creativity, innovation and help their students reach their potential. Moreover, they also offer financial support and scholarships, and some study programs are even free. These are only some of the things USA students should consider when moving to Europe.

Three people sitting on the stairs
Education in Europe is usually better than in the USA.

Career opportunities

One of the main reasons why Americans move to Europe are the plentiful business opportunities which the continent offers. For those looking to settle down there, Europe offers some of the best world’s best cities for career growth. Among the most prominent places to find work opportunities are London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Lisbon. While house hunting in Europe can be difficult for those looking to settle down there, the many opportunities for finding a good job more than make up for it.

Europe is quite safe

While it is always better to be alert and aware of risks around you, Europe is a safe destination for anyone looking to make their home there. Gun laws in Europe are tough, which leads to low rates of gun-related violence. Also, policing in Europe is typically more passive and non-violent, as police personnel in most European countries are trained to interact with the public. That said, when in places frequented by tourists, it is still important to be on guard in order to avoid being the victim of petty crime. And of course, when moving internationally, it is important to let experts handle the transport.

Art and Music

For those interested in exploring history, arts, music and architecture, every country in Europe has a lot to offer in that regard. Music has deep roots in the culture of almost every country in Europe, and the continent hosts some of the most famous music festivals in the world. On top of that, theater shows and operas are quite popular as well. Europe also has beautiful museums. Europeans seem to have mastered making museums both fun and educational, and most museums don’t charge children for the visit.

Europe has a lot of history to explore, in art and architecture.

Reliable healthcare system

Almost all countries in Europe share a universal healthcare system which includes taking care of foreigners. This makes the healthcare one of the best reasons why Americans move to Europe. Countries belonging to the European Union also offer a European health insurance card to their citizens. Also, communication is not a problem as most pharmacists and doctors speak some level of English as well as their regional language. In the European Union, the number to call is 112, but most have a 911 equivalent as well. The operators of these numbers speak English as well as their local language. The cost of a visit to an emergency room depends on its location and the patient’s condition. Of course, having a European insurance plan does help. The insurance companies get directly in touch with hospitals to take care of the medical expenses.

Continent of all seasons

Whether you are a fan of beaches or mountains, Europe offers both and everything in between. When it comes to weather, Europe enjoys pleasant weather between June and September. The warmest temperatures are seen during July and August. For those looking to enjoy beaches, the best time to do so is between June and September, as seaside countries enjoy the best weather during these months. For ski-lovers, the season lasts from the end of November until mid-April. The continent doesn’t get hit by tornadoes, and ice and hail storms are rare. Though a lot of places in Europe are cold, the warmer places in the continent also have much to offer, giving a lot of variety to anyone looking to settle in Europe.

City on the coast
Europe can accommodate all sorts of preferences.

Moving to Europe

Moving from one place to another in America is usually stressful and quite expensive. Making a move from America to Europe is, of course, even more expensive. However, renting and buying homes in Europe is much cheaper. And for those looking to make the move, companies such as State to State Move are there to make the process as easy and affordable as possible.

Why Americans move to Europe – final words

A lot more Americans have recently decided to make the move to Europe. Chasing job opportunities, looking for a better place to live or looking for the right university for them. At the end of the day, only you can make the decision if this is also the right choice for you, and we hope that this guide helps you make the right decision.

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