List of the hippest places in Kentucky according to young families

To all who are considering moving to Kentucky any time soon with their loved ones, this article can be very helpful. Here, you will find a list of the hippest places in Kentucky according to young families. If you do not have a family on your own but you planning to start one with your partner, moving to one of the cities from this article can be an excellent decision.


First of all, we have Danville which is a very safe place for families in Kentucky. This city has a suburban feel and many young professionals love living here. Importantly, schools here are very good, that is they have excellent rankings. Moreover, in Danville, you can find many beautiful homes and if you decide to change the address after some time, you should hire local movers to help you.

Danville is among the hippest places in Kentucky for good educational opportunities.
Moving to Danville means being able to find good schools for your kids.

Covington is one of the hippest places in Kentucky

The second place that is good for young families who want to move to Kentucky is Covington. Thi city in Kentucky has to offer very good schools for your kids. Moreover, it has many historic churches that amby people find beautiful and that you might want to see. If you decide to relocate here, professionals are there to help. If you decide to hire Covington local movers, you will not regret bringing this decision for many reasons. First, their moving crews are warm-hearted and reliable above everything else. Second, they are offering services of high quality at reasonable prices. Also, they have excellent packing services and many more so you should definitely contact them and ask everything you want to know.


The second place in Kentucky you should consider relocating to with your family is Independence. This city is very safe and has to offer very nice schools for your children. Moreover, Independence in Kentucky has numerous parks where you can spend your free time with your family members, friends, or where you can take your dog for a walk. If you choose to relocate here, you must be aware that you will need professional help, especially if you own things that are very difficult to move.

A family.
Independence has many beautiful parks that are ideal for spending family time.

Georgetown is among the hippest places in Kentucky

The third place that is ideal for young people who have children in this state is Georgetown. It is pretty affordable, safe, and has to offer very good educational opportunities for all who want to study and succeed in an academic career. If you want to move here, you should leave heavy lifting to experts. Hiring local movers when relocating to Georgetown is a must. Their teams can be there for you when packing your belongings, transporting them to your new home, and many other things that you will need.


Fourthly, we have Nicholasville in Kentucky, a city with many business opportunities. If you choose to move here, you will see many horse farms and your kids will have a wide range of schools to choose from. All these things make Nicholasville a very desirable place for young families. Before relocating there, you should organize your move, declutter your home and avoid packing and transporting all the items you do not need anymore.

An office.
Nicholasville has to offer many business opportunities to all people who choose to move there.

Find a reliable and professional company when moving to Kentucky

When relocating to one of many beautiful places in Kentucky, you must definitely consider hiring professional help. Be aware of all the difficulties, challenges, and complications that a moving process can bring if some things are not done properly. In order to avoid all possible problems when moving to Kentucky, choose your moving experts wisely and do research on the internet. We advise you to check out Strong-Ass Movers for this relocation company can easily be your best choice.

Elizabethtown is one of the hippest places in Kentucky

The fifth place on our list that is very beautiful is Elizabethtown in Kentucky. This city has many historic buildings and other very interesting attractions that many people love seeing. Also, Elizabethtown has numerous boutiques, restaurants with very diverse and tasty food, and coffee shops. If you love visiting museums and theatres, relocating to this city with your whole family cannot be a bad decision. Furthermore, this city in Kentucky has many galleries that may interest some people who want to visit it soon. But, you have to know that Elizabethtown is not among the safest place in Kentucky so you should be careful when going out.

Bardstown is a very nice place in Kentucky where you can relocate

Finally, there is Bardstown in Kentucky that many people are choosing for their new home, especially in recent years. This city has to offer good schools which is an important thing to all people who want to start a family or already have children. Bardstown is a place with a very special and unique vibe that many people like and for this reason many travelers choose to visit it at some point in their lives. It also has to offer very nice historic locations that you may enjoy if you love similar things. But, this place is not so safe and you have to be aware of this fact at all times. Therefore, if you chose to move to Bardstown, be careful and do not leave your house late at night very often.


To conclude, according to young families, some of the hippest places in Kentucky are put on this list. First, we have Danville, Covington, Independence, and Georgetown. All of these places have to offer great education to kids, business opportunities to parents, and interesting locations to visit during weekends. Secondly, there are Nicholasville, Elizabethtown, and Bardstown. They are really nice places where young people can move and lead a quality life.

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