Life in Kuwait – expectations vs reality

So, you’re thinking about moving to Kuwait. Naturally, you go on the internet and you find a variety of information. Some of them are true, some are not. Relatively recently, this country is declared for one of the worst places for expats. However, there’s a lot of statistics involved here and they really tell just half of the story. This is why we contacted people that live there to tell us about life in Kuwait. How do expectations and reality meet and what you can expect to see when you land in your new country?

Where to live in Kuwait

If you’re moving to Kuwait, the chances are that you got a job offer that is difficult to refuse. Therefore, one of the first things that pop into your head, even before you start thinking about how to pack for relocation, is where are you going to live in Kuwait.

Now, as you already know Kuwait is a rich country thanks to its petroleum-based economy so you can expect a lot of options for accommodation. Because of the construction boom that is happening here in the last 10 years, many different apartments and houses are available for expats.

And now comes the real part of life in Kuwait. There’s a limited amount of parking spaces for every building. These things simply aren’t incorporated into the blueprints so you’ll have to search for a place to leave your car elsewhere.

Skyscraper as a symbol of life in Kuwait.
There are many apartments to choose from, but there aren’t many parking spaces.

Life in Kuwait – Lifestyle

To clarify from the start, you don’t have to worry about your safety or the safety of your loved one. Our professionals from assure us that people in Kuwait are generally very friendly and women are treated like gold. Although policemen are known to be on the rude side, you shouldn’t have any problems with them either.

Free time

Now, there are many things you can do in your free time here. The best time to explore the country is during the winter months. There are many museums that you can visit and many paradise-like spaces to check out.

On that subject, summers are very hot. And we understand that you think that you are aware of this, but we can’t stress this enough. The weather is dry and hot, so prepare to spend a lot of time in air-conditioned buildings during the summer. Because of this, you might want to think about moving into a smaller space, since they are easier to keep at a certain temperature.

Desert dunes.
Life in Kuwait is essentially living in the desert, so prepare for extreme heat.

Culture shock

After you have read all the tips for simple move to Kuwait the moment comes and you are in your new country. And honestly, there is a factor of a culture shock when you land in Kuwait. Many people have experienced it so there’s a chance that you will too. Simply, it’s a different culture and it can be tough from time to time. Luckily, there are many expat organizations that you can join. Also, younger generations are more open to meeting and hanging out with expats which is a good thing.

Life in Kuwait brings with it ups and downs, but you always have those in life no matter where you live. So, try to experience as many good things as possible while you’re here. If you look for them you’ll find them. Enjoy your time here and you won’t regret it.

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