Leaving Virginia for Europe – 5 cities you should visit when you settle in

Leaving the USA to move to Europe is a big step. However, today many Americans and Virginians choose to do so. There are many reasons to do it. It could be for a better lifestyle, or the opportunity to travel. Many move to Europe for career opportunities that it offers or for retirement. Finding a place to settle in is not hard. Europe has a number of beautiful cities to move to, rich history, and perfect nature. So, if you are leaving Virginia for Europe have in mind that there are many things to see in Europe. Once you settle in we recommend for you to travel and these 5 cities in Europe.

Europe: what it can offer

The old continent has a rich and diverse history. Many of its cities are almost like museums. It offers rich architecture, museums, artwork, and music. At the same time, it has modern cities that are bustling with life and attractions. Europe is worth the trouble of international moving. Just make sure you plan your move well ahead and let professionals handle the transportation.

Panoramic view of Barcelona.
Explore the old continent with its rich history and architecture

Living in Europe is easy and fun. It is also easy to find a place that will suit you perfectly. But in addition, once you settle in you should travel. We highly recommend to visit these 5 cities after leaving Virginia for Europe:

  • Barcelona
  • Florence
  • Paris
  • Prague
  • Amsterdam

Anyone of these cities is reason enough to move or visit Europe. However, be prepared for a culture shock after leaving Virginia.


Barcelona is an artistic city. It is important to plan your visit so you can experience most of it. You can join a guided tour or jump on the bus yourself. The alternative is to rent a bike or even a Segway for your own personal tour of Barcelona. The city is full of character and is famous for Gaudi architecture. The city is full of Gaudi’s creations, most well known being the Park Guell.


Tuscany is home to Florence. This once merchant town is a place of architectural, artistic, and cultural heritage. It is best to take a walk through its streets to experience it. Do not miss Piazza Della Signoria and the cathedral of Florence.

A narrow street in Florence.
Do not miss out on Italy and the beautiful Florence


you should visit Paris on a tour bus. The city has a lot to offer and is an icon of its time. You should climb the Eiffel tower and experience Notre Dame cathedral. In addition, Paris offers beautiful cafes and shops to enjoy.


A city of culture, art, and design, Amsterdam draws in millions of visitors each year, Enjoy its canals and narrow streets. Rent a bike to take the canal tour and to visit a 100-year-old market Visit the Van Gogh Museum or any from the pallet that the city offers. Also, visit De Oijo that is the real cultural and ethnic melting pot of Amsterdam.

A cannala and street in Amsterdam
Explore the canals of Amsterdam and get to know its art and architecture

Your move to Europe is a big deal but it is worth it. Make sure you don’t just settle in, but also travel, visit and experience what it has to offer. You won’t regret that decision.


If you’re leaving Virginia for Europe, you should definitely experience Prague. Make sure you take a stroll down the cobblestone streets to the Charles Bridge that has the greatest view of the city. Also, visit the largest castle in the world the Prague castle.

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