Leaving France and settling down in NYC

France is a wonderful country, but so is the USA, and New York City is certainly one of the best cities in the world. No matter the reason that compelled you to make this move, you will be able to enjoy a new life in a truly amazing place. But, settling down in NYC can be hard, and the relocation process even harder. Hopefully, you will find all the answers you need in this post. So, let us begin.

The solution to all moving difficulties

First of all, you should know one thing: moving is hard. There are so many things to plan, and so many things to do, that there is hardly any time left for hobbies and other, everyday pleasures. You need to pack, organize the logistics of the relocation, and attend to a myriad of other details. However, with the assistance of reliable professionals, such as the ones working for tiktokmoving.com, it all becomes easy. You can simply sit back and allow the pros to do what they know best.

Central Park, New York City.
NYC is beautiful, but there are some things you should know in advance.

You will save lots of time and nerves, at an affordable cost. Good movers don’t have to be expensive. Moreover, you won’t be troubled with issues that require a lot of your precious time to solve. Moving large pieces of furniture, for example, may require disassembling them so that they can fit through narrow doorways. Experienced movers will solve this issue immediately, quickly, and efficiently. And, they offer a wide range of services. For instance, if you need a safe environment for your items, problem solved – store your belongings at a secure storage facility, where they will be safe until you need them.

What makes NYC different?

For newcomers, settling down in NYC can be tricky. That is because there are some characteristics that make this city different, especially after moving from Europe. If your children will be moving with you, take special care to help them adjust to a new culture. Adults are better equipped to deal with such life-transforming changes, while children will likely require lots of patience and understanding.

Some things that could easily be different than what you are used to, include:

  • High cost of living. No matter where you lived before, you may still be surprised at the unusually high cost of living in New York. This problem might make you adopt a new approach to spending. You may need to carefully track your spending, so that you can modify your habits according to the new standard of living.
  • Small apartments. Unfortunately, most people in NYC live in spaces smaller than what many of us have grown accustomed to. If you end up in one such flat, do not despair. You are not alone, and it won’t trouble you so much after a while.
  • Not many people drive in New York. Instead, people use taxis. The traffic is just too heavy for normal driving, so if you are driving everywhere in France, it might be better to change your habits and use a taxi or some means of public transportation.
Taxis on the street of NYC.
Settling down in NYC involves getting used to driving in taxis.

Of course, apart from these practical differences, you will also find that the culture is very different. The good thing is, most people are already very familiar with the American culture in general, based on art coming from the USA that is extremely popular worldwide. So, you most likely already have a very good idea of what to expect. And it is also useful to remember that, essentially, people are people, no matter if they are French or American. The cultural differences are more superficial. 

General tips for settling down in NYC

Let us take a look at some general advice for adjusting to a new environment. 

The Statue of Liberty; the process of settling down in NYC is not over until you have visited this great landmark.
Visit the Statue of Liberty in order to get to know your new home.
  • Meeting new people after moving to NYC can be hard. You may feel isolated and alone in a new environment, a sprawling urban behemoth with a life of its own, seemingly indifferent to your hopes, burdens, and fears. Well, don’t think that way. There are many ways to meet new people. Of course, you can start at your new workplace. If there is no one there to your liking, you can visit a show by a band you like. You can apply for a class to learn a new useful skill, and meet new people at the same time. You can visit galleries, bookshops, and various different enjoyable events.
  • Having a consistent routine makes people feel in control. Where there was chaos, there is now a semblance of order. Fill up your time with engaging activities, and stick to the schedule. Begin by waking up at the same time every day, and fill your schedule from there.
  • Settling down in NYC is much easier if you take the time to get to know it. From physical landmarks to the culture and history, the more you become acquainted with this great city, the more it will feel like home. And there is a lot to learn. NYC is huge and filled with history. There are so many landmarks that it is hard to decide what to visit first. Some of the museums, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park…?
  • Staying in touch with your friends and family back in France will certainly help with adjusting to NYC. That way, you will feel connected to your previous home. You will feel some familiarity while being in a very unfamiliar place. With a loving family and friends on your side, who are with you no matter where you are, the stress of the adaptation period is much lessened.

Good luck!

So, there you have it. If settling down in NYC is not an easy thing for you, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Follow our simple tips, do some more research, and everything will be A-ok. Even if you realize that moving abroad was a mistake, there is always tomorrow to decide what to do next. But, with NYC being such a fascinating place, you will hardly have such problems. 

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