Important elements every moving contract should have

One of the easiest and fastest ways to move is by hiring a professional moving company that is reliable and experienced. After finding a moving company for your upcoming relocation, it is time to talk about details with them and to discuss the moving contract. What elements every moving contract should have?

First of all

Never sign a blank contract or a contract that is not finished yet. It may be a big red flag. To have a stressless relocation, be prepared in advance. A reliable and reputable mover is a big and important factor when moving, but also, you should take care of the paperwork and make sure everything is proper.

Two men going through elements every moving contract should have
Read a moving contract with someone if you cannot understand moving terms.

First, find a reliable moving company

Of course, the first step is to find a moving company you may hire for the upcoming relocation. No matter if you are moving locally or long-distance, having professionals by your side will make the entire process easier to handle.

That is why finding the best interstate mover is the first step and then you need to take care of the contract and other documents.

What elements every moving contract should have?

When moving, you really need a moving contract to secure all your items and money. On what to pay attention to when reading a moving contract and what every moving contract should have?

  • Company’s information – check the license number, name of the moving company, address, and contact information. Don’t hire unverified mover, no matter how much you like them.
  • Description of services – the first section you will see in this description of moving services. It is the list of services they provide you. For example, packing, unpacking, or just transporting items. If you want additional service, you must notify your mover in advance to add it to the contract.
  • Schedules – everything should be on time, without delays. Check the time and date of your move (pick up and delivery).
  • Inventory list – every item you are moving should be listed in the inventory list. After a walk-through of your home, a company’s representative will create a list, and based on the size of your move, a mover will calculate the accurate costs.
  • The costs – every moving contract should have a total price of relocation. Besides that, information on how you are to pay for your service and a final date when you need to pay for moving services.
  • Confidentiality – this part of a moving contract states that the moving company will not share your information.
Signing a moving contract.
Know details about the relocation and be prepared

The final word

Don’t sign any contract without reading it first. Sometimes it is better to read it with someone, to understand it better. Among the elements every moving contract should have are all the details about the relocation. If something is missing, it may be a red flag. Check the mover. Verify their information.

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