Illinois for ex-pats from Europe: home buying process explained

When an international relocation is about to take place, there are so many questions to answer. After you finally make up your mind about what place you want to move to, there still so much more to be done. Making a plan, doing the packing, dealing with the moving agencies. And most importantly buying a new house or flat. If you are coming from Europe, and your destination is the American state of Illinois, we think we have exactly what you need. Read our Illinois for ex-pats from Europe guide, and get a home buying process explained in detail, step by step.

Getting to know the state

Illinois is the midwestern state, situated between the Mississippi River in the west, and the state of Indiana in the east. Springfield is the capital of Illinois, while its biggest city is the world-famous city of Chicago. But the metropolitan area is not the only thing you will find there. Its landscape is rich with prairies, lakes, rivers, harbors, farmlands, plains, and even hilly areas. All of this is more than enough for European people, who started coming long ago, to start searching for homes in Illinois. Today, this is the sixth most populated state in the USA. So if you really want to become one of them, there is no reason to wait. Put Illinois on the list of your priorities, and get ready for an international relocation, which will help you catch your dreams.

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Find your way.

1. Take care of finances – the first step in Illinois for ex-pats from Europe guide

There is no way you can undertake any serious steps before you have a thorough insight into your current financial situation. In most situations buying a new home requires taking out a mortgage or a loan. If you decide to do so, you need to be fully prepared, and well informed. Make some calculations. Write down all your monthly expenses, and see how much you can afford for your mortgage. This fact will have a great impact on your deciding what kind of home you will buy. At this point finding a licensed lander would be an excellent solution since they are people who can answer all your questions, and give you some clear guides.

Apart from that, you also need to transfer your household items safely and as soon as possible. Having a group of experienced residential professionals by your side is the best thing that can happen to you. They would know exactly what you need to do to make your international relocation easy and fast. Thus, don’t forget to take this fact into consideration when planning your moving budget.

2. Finding your perfect neighborhood

Choosing the neighborhood is not just about picking the one that looks nice to you. It is much more than that. The fact that not all neighborhoods have the same home values should be the first one to be discussed. You’ll definitely need something that can fit your budget. After that, there comes the question of living expenses. Not all parts of the state have the same living standard. Try to pick not the one that seems fancy, but the one where you can live life on a budget.

Then there comes the question of the lifestyle you and your family will get after coming to live in Illinois as European ex-pats. You definitely need a safe neighborhood, with active social life and good schools for your children. So, do not judge the place by its looks only. Having some nice and friendly neighbors across the street will not only bring you some new friendships but will also help your children adjust to the new culture. Thus, just for the beginning, you should make small internet research. See what Illinois has to offer, and create a list of the possible choices.

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3. Finding an agent

In the process of the home hunt, a good and experienced real estate agent will be more than helpful. He is the one with the best advice for the top offer house or flat in the neighborhood. Or the most affordable lending and legal services, if necessary. If the agent is really good, he can save you a lot of money and time as well. One thing is for sure, getting professional help for the move is a great choice at every stage. An agent to find you a new home at the beginning. And, once when the process starts, professional movers, packers, storage options, are something everyone needs. Just in case you still haven’t found these, on, you can get everything you may need

Home hunting can begin

When it comes to finding a home, one thing needs to be clear at the very start. There is nothing like a flawless place. Thus, don’t expect to find everything you have ever dreamed about in that one place. It may happen that you do not like it at the first glance. But you would be surprised what you can do with only several easy home improvements. The key here is to define what are the things you consider necessary in your new home. Make a shortlist of things you want, and be realistic. Then, pay a visit to all the houses you consider nice and cozy. Go to the online tours, try open houses, too. The most important thing is to make a good inspection of the property before you make a deal.

4. The final touch

And now you can do the final step of buying everything you will need for your move. As we all know, proper supplies are a must, of course. So, get a number of sturdy moving boxes of different sizes. Find some wrapping paper, tape, and colorful labels. Gather your closest friends and your relocation may officially begin.

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Let’s begin your life tour.

That would be it from our Illinois for ex-pats from Europe guide. We hope you got some useful tips, and wish you good luck with finding your perfect home.

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