How to safely move furniture

Relocating – one of the most stressful life events you will have. Packing, unpacking, loading… all of these tasks are part of the process. You are not moving only your stuff, but you are changing your entire life, routine, and habits. When it comes to packing and moving furniture moving is a step you cannot avoid. But, how to have undamaged pieces of furniture, how to safely move furniture to your new home? Look no further, because we have all the tips and tricks you need for safe furniture relocation. 

There are different ways to pack and move large and heavy furniture. Four main ways are:

  1. Using sliders
  2. Using additional moving equipment
  3. Moving manually
  4. Hiring professionals

Your safety must be always in the first place, and the safety of people around you. If you are moving with a toddler, do your packing when they are sleeping or ask someone to take care of your child while you are working. Furniture is large and heavy, unfortunately, injuries are common, so try to avoid them. Plan everything in advance and your relocation will be safe, easy, and smooth. 

Living room
Each home has many furniture that needs to be moved

Use sliders to safely move furniture

Luckily, furniture sliders are not too expensive and they can be found in a home goods store, for example. There are smaller and larger sliders too. Not only will you not damage the furniture, but also, you will protect the floors. Also, ask for special sliders for moving furniture over grass and/or carpets. They are not the same as ordinary ones. 

How to use furniture sliders?

Using them is very simple. Place sliders you purchased under the corners of furniture (on each corner). You will need to lift the furniture and to place the sliders. It is not easy to do it because furniture is heavy. That is why you need to call friends can help you with relocation and after the job is done, order a pizza and beer. When sliders are under the furniture, you can push it without any damages. At least 2 persons are required for this job. 

What additional equipment can you use to safely move furniture?

You probably heard about equipment for moving furniture safely and more easily. How to use that type of equipment? How is it helpful? There are many different supplies people use, but these are the most common one.

  • A moving dolly is a good option for some types of furniture. It is a platform with wheels, so you do not have to push anything. Just to lift a piece of furniture and to place it on a dolly. It comes in different sizes and it is cheap to rent.
  • A shoulder dolly is lifting straps. With these straps, you have fewer chances to hurt your back. It won’t just help you to safely move furniture, but it will also make it safer for you too. Do not use a shoulder dolly to move furniture downstairs or upstairs.
  • Moving blanket is similar to moving sliders, but moving blanket goes under the entire piece of furniture, not only under the corners. After you place a moving blanket where it should be, you and your friend can start pulling the furniture. 
Moving dolly with a box on top
By using a proper equipment, moving your furniture will be safe and easy

Moving your furniture manually

How to move furniture without equipment and additional supplies? Some of the furniture can be moved without it, but how to do it safely? The only “equipment” you will need is help from strong friends. 

One of the methods you can use is “low-high” method. Tilt the furniture backward and you should carry the top of the furniture and your friends the bottom.  Another method is to use core and legs to lift the furniture. Of course, before you move dressers and bookshelves remove everything from it. 

The easiest way is to hire a moving company

What is the easiest way to move heavy and large furniture? Of course, to hire someone to do it instead of you. But not any company, hire a reliable, licensed, insured, and experienced company you can trust. 

Not only will a company help you transport, pack, load and unload furniture from a moving truck, but also, it will keep you away from injuries. Unfortunately, back injuries are common if you do not have any experience with moving the furniture. Why risk? If your friends cannot help and they also do not have the experience, your only option is to book a full-service mover. 

What to do with furniture you do not want to move

You know what to do if you have furniture to move from one home to another. But, how and where to move the furniture you do not need? It is cheaper to buy new items than to move old stuff. If you do not need something anymore, it does not mean it should be damaged. Someone else can use it. 

Luckily, we have a solution for that too. Hire professionals to remove your old furniture and it is not your worry anymore. You will get rid of old pieces of furniture and plus you do not need to pay for their relocation. Yes, it is that easy. Moving costs depend on how many items you have to move and distance to your new home. So, why move something you will not use? Distance is something you cannot change. 

Call professionals to move your junk and old furniture


It is easy to safely move furniture when you have a guide like this to follow. If you are moving for the first time, it may seem like a lot to you and impossible to finish. But, people are moving every day, very successfully. After all, if you are not sure you can accomplish all the tasks, just hire a reliable and experienced moving company. Good luck with relocation and we hope these simple tips helped you to understand the process better. 

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