How to prepare for moving to New Jersey

You realized that your life has become tedious and that you need some change. After long thinking, you decided that moving to another city would be a great way to freshen up your life. You started looking for the best place for you, checked the lists of top cities for moving in USA, considering your preferences and needs. And you concluded that Jersey City in the state of New Jersey is the right choice for you. Now you need to get everything ready, to pack all your stuff, to find a way to transport them. Of course, Jersey City movers offer their help with most of those things. But, there is some stuff you need to do yourself. Here you can find some advice on how to prepare for moving to New Jersey.

First of all, assign the date of the move and make an agreement with the company that carries out the relocation. Be sure to coordinate all the details with the transport company that will transport your things. There are a lot of moving companies in New Jersey, you need to choose the best one for you. After you hire one of the moving services NJ, you can start your preparations for moving to New Jersey.

Preparation for moving to New Jersey: what delays us and what helps?

As we all know, the preparation for the move should begin early – a couple of weeks before the appointed day. Of course, you can start preparing for moving to New Jersey a month before the move. In that case, you can plan everything thoroughly and be sure that you won’t make any mistake. Anyhow, preparation can be tough and accompanied by many harmful and useful things. What helps us in the organization of the move and what can interfere with it? This is a detailed story based on the personal experience of amateurs and professionals.

What can interfere with preparing for moving to New Jersey?

A crowd of people, each one with their own perspective of moving to New Jersey.
Bad advice from colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors… Don’t listen to everybody.

Why should you spend money on polyethylene film? All my life I was perfectly transporting furniture without packaging, and nothing happened!“,”And why would you need different-sized boxes – you could have taken the same ones in the garbage collect!”,”To order a complex move? What for?! If you have extra money, give it to us!” Packaging, transport, loaders, even the day and time of moving – well-wishers have their own word for everything.

There are people who are just envious. But, there are also those who recognize only two points of view – their own and the wrong one. Both of them will always find a reason for criticism: whether you have large boxes or small ones, you hired loaders or not, you decided to pack a refrigerator or do without it… It’s easiest not to pay attention and ignore the replies.

Hence, you will save your nerves and won’t give envious people cause for joy. It’s nice to give funny answers: “Why do we need a wrapping film? We just keep pace with the times! Of course, 20 years ago, when you last moved, it was hardly invented, and it’s hard for you to understand how useful it is.” But unfortunately, not everyone can do this. Therefore, the best tactic of the struggle is to ignore the biting words, without even memorizing them.

Excitement and excessive emotionality

“I will not be able to do anything!” – and now the panic is rolling and your hands are falling. It also happens the other way round: a person starts frantically rushing around the apartment, throwing away dishes, children’s clothes and important documents into one large box from under the refrigerator. Try to calm down and pull yourself together. You can drink a sedative or just tea with mint. This will help focus and tune in the right way. Sort out things before packing them in boxes – slow and thoughtful work soothes. And do not worry – there is still time. And for you, it is not an enemy, but an ally.

During the preparation for the move, we can be overwhelmed by a variety of emotions. But not always are they gloomy and awful. On the contrary, when collecting the next batch of things you can feel empathy, sit down on the sofa and start dreaming. How nice and comfortable it will be in a new apartment, what furniture you will buy there, where is best to put a kids room… Such thoughts are undoubtedly useful – they create a positive attitude. But because of them, the evening can fly by unnoticed. And if this is the last or penultimate day – the eve of the move – it is likely that the rest of the things you will have to pack at night, half-closing your eyes from fatigue.


Is it worth it to prepare for moving out after a working day? Or is it better to take a separate time for this? “We must do it when there is an opportunity!” – you will say and you will be wrong. Prepare for the move should be when it will bring the maximum effect. And if you, having collected a stack of books, for the next 20 minutes dream of a hot bath or of a soft bed – packing can drag on indefinitely.

Woman with her head in her hands.
Don’t start anything when you’re tired, it can make moving to New Jersey difficult.

Professionals agree: preparation for moving in the evenings after work should take no more than an hour. And it is desirable to indulge in this in a more or less rested state. And the ideal option – entrust the mission to specialists.

What helps in the preparation for moving to New Jersey?

Planning and scheduling

The worst way to prepare, which can only be imagined, is chaotic throwing around the rooms after a working day. Sit down and make a plan: how will you collect things when you start calling the moving companies. Do not count on ideal preparing conditions – be realistic. Take everything into account: your irregular working day, public holidays and even the change of seasons. Keep in mind: if you arrange to move all by yourself, it will be almost half more difficult than with the help of specialists.


Moving boxes on a cart.
Let professionals take care of everything

“If you involve friends in the business, it often spoils either friendship or business.” Unfortunately, this phrase is relevant not only in business but also in other joint ventures. And more often than we would like. And when you move, too. Friends who only recently were inseparable with you and every Friday made you a company on a hike through bars, on the eve of your “great move” swiftly leave or get sick, leaving you alone with a mountain of boxes and furniture. The most offensive is when it happens on the eve of the move. But it is not surprising – friends, in general, don’t have to do anything, only their word connects you.

But the professionals who signed a contract with you won’t disappear that easily. They have other motives – you pay them money, and also you can give them a good reputation. And experts will try to do their job qualitatively, fully justifying the invested funds.

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