How to make moving enjoyable?

Can you put words fun and moving in one sentence and make it sound logical? Relocation is usually closely tied with stress and expenses, so it’s not realistic to think of it as a fun thing to do. However, there are ways to make moving enjoyable. Especially if you manage to avoid the common moving mistakes people make. That probably sounds like those infomercials announcers, trying to sell you overpriced exercise equipment so you can lose weight effortlessly and look like a model.

On the contrary, what we are offering are a few simple pieces of advice and useful tips, free of charge! Take ten minutes and check out this handy guide, and you’ll realize that even dull tasks can be fun under the right circumstances.

Can you really make moving enjoyable?

Having fun is virtually impossible while you are juggling between packing your stuff, getting your moving estimate online, and making moving arrangements. A smart man once said, love what you do, and you’ll never work a single day in your life. We can apply this formula to whatever we do, and make it more fun and enjoyable.

How to make moving enjoyable - girl with headphones singing
Music makes everything better, so make a playlist to help you while packing

So let’s look at what are those tedious tasks that you have to deal with when planning your move:

  • sorting clothes
  • packing
  • loading boxes and appliances
  • cleaning the house
  • relocating

All of the tasks in our little moving list generate a lot of stress. Meeting deadlines is never fun, so let’s look at how to make moving enjoyable!

Make a playlist

Everything is better with music! No matter if you are moving to retire in Chicago or moving to California for your first job. There is no case where music isn’t welcome. Start with some good wake up playlist. It will get you energized, and you will already feel good. There is no reason why you shouldn’t include music in your everyday chores. The same applies to your moving preparations.

For example, make a packing playlist to play while you are sorting and folding clothes. Suddenly you’ll realize you are already done with packing.

You can apply the same principle when cleaning the house. There is nothing as boring as dusting, or washing windows and floors. However, if you play some Billy Idol while tidying up the house, you’ll notice how time flies. Maybe Billy is not your cup of tea, but you get the point.

Find creative ways to pack

The Internet is a wondrous thing. So many guides and tutorials for whatever you need. While hiring professional packers will undoubtedly make it easier to move, there are fun ways to do everything by yourself. If you wish to make moving enjoyable, spend some time online and search for creative ways to pack. There are many guides on how to fold clothes, and label boxes. Make it a challenge to learn the different things to do.

darts board
Set a target goal for yourself and try to make it happen, challenging yourself is a great way to have fun

By the way, while we are on the subject of challenges…

Challenge yourself to make it more fun

A great way to make moving enjoyable is to make small challenges for yourself. For example, try to measure how much time you need to pack or unpack, or to sort all clothes and items. Before starting this task, make sure you have a checklist of all tasks.

There are plenty of planning apps for mobile phones, so give them a go. There is something so pleasant and satisfying in organizing. Either way, find a way to reward yourself for each passed checkpoint. Especially if you are dealing with even a more complicated version of moving like moving on short notice. In that case, you should be organized more than ever.

A word of caution! Rewards in the forms of cakes and ice creams are tasty. However, you might get a few unwanted pounds more!

Ask for a helping hand

Never hesitate to ask your friends for help. It won’t feel like work if you are all together, talking and laughing while packing. You can divide into teams, split tasks and compete in who will finish first! The time will pass quickly, and you will also finish packing much quicker. This is a great way to not only make moving enjoyable but to be productive and effective as well.

four people joining hands
A collective mind is stronger than an individual, and a helping hand is always appreciated

After you are done, you can all go to dinner together. This is especially important if you are moving far away, and you won’t see your friends for a long time.

Make a yard sale

Another way to make moving enjoyable is to organize a yard sale. It will be a fun day outside, where you can meet strangers, hang around and talk while earning some money. One of the essential moving and packing tips is to prioritize when packing. With that in mind, this is a great way to get rid of everything you don’t need for the move. Another example of being productive while having fun.

You can also check for any public yard sales in your area. If you’ve never attended one, you find out that it can be a blast! You can make a day out of it.

Search for an exotic destination

This part is more for those who still don’t know where to relocate. Looking for a perfect moving destination is always enjoyable. Even if you are already set on where to move, you can always spend an hour looking for exotic travel destinations. Remember when we talked about rewards for completing relocation checkpoints? Here is a great idea of how to treat yourself.

make moving enjoyable - things on the table
Don’t restrict yourself to a single choice, feel free to investigate where to move


Find time to rest. Don’t overwork yourself, it will only get you tired and emotionally drained. Instead, take a timely break and watch a movie or go outside for a cup of coffee. Another idea is to organize a barbecue party at the end of the day. Invite your friends and family over. Still, before you make plans, check your budget. Remember that you are moving, and you need all the money you have.

Calculate if you have enough to make this happen. While it is important to make moving enjoyable, you have to be economical as well.

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