How to hire a good and reliable professional mover in Europe

Moving to Europe is a good choice, for many reasons! Improve the quality of life and live the kind of life as it’s supposed to be. Only, don’t do it carelessly. And don’t rush into it! Especially when moving to Europe from far away. In order to move without problems, you want to hire a moving company. And when you do, hire a good and reliable professional mover in Europe. I’d specifically emphasise the reliability. Because it’s probably the most important characteristic of any business partner. And you’re gonna establish a professional relationship with the European home moving company. Be careful when choosing professionals for your Europe move, so you’d not get tricked and robbed.

Discover how to hire a good and reliable professional mover in Europe
The most important thing for your Euro adventure is to hire a good and reliable professional mover in Europe


Easy but important tips on how to hire a good and reliable professional mover in Europe

Sail in the ocean of companies and pull out the best moving professional for your relocation to Europe
Swim in the sea of information, and pick the most reliable moving company in Europe

There are several things you need to pay attention to when it comes to choosing a moving company to hire for your relocation to Europe. It’s quite a big challenge, and it requires an effort. But if you do it right, you’re gonna start your European adventure in the right manner. Don’t run into long distance moving or intercontinental relocation, because it will cost. And those kinds of movings are mostly expensive, so losing money isn’t an option. Here are the steps to picking the reputable home moving expert for your European move.


  • Pick some of the best looking European professional movers- Make a list of the best moving companies you may find in Europe
  • Check the reliability of each- You only want to hire a good and RELIABLE moving company in Europe.
  • Look for the moving estimates- Check on the estimated price for your move from every moving company on your list.

How to make a list of potential removal companies in Europe

There are several methods to make a list of companies to be hired to conduct your relocation to some of the European countries. Some of them are more, and some are less reliable. Nevertheless, we do suggest to make a list, and then evaluate the moving companies, trying to pick the best for migration to Old Continent. Here’s how you may do that:

  • Ask your dearests for recommendations- If some of your friends and family moved to Europe or inside of Europe, or they have someone who did that recently, ask them to recommend you a reliable mover in Europe. Ask everyone, you never know everything about anyone. TSomeone you might never suppose to have that kind of information could ‘save your life’.
  • Look for European movers on the internet- If nobody from your environment has a recommendation, then the web is a smart enough choice. Everybody is on the web, so you should be able to collect at least several good enough moving companies to hire for moving to Europe.
  • Contact a real estate company from European country you’re looking to move to- Contacting real estate company may bring you multiple benefits. First, you may find a reliable mover for your relocation to the Old Continent. And second, if you don’t have a secured housing in Europe, that’s the way to find one!

Make sure that the professional moving service you’re about to hire is reputable

Check the data for moving companies in the country you;re about to move to in Europe
Check the reputability of moving companies for the country you’re moving to in the Old Continent

The first and the most important thing to check when it comes to the reliability of a professional mover in Europe is to check if they have a regular license to conduct the moving. Being that Europe is a continent, not a country, there are different standards for each separate country in the continent. Therefore, if you want to hire a good and reliable professional mover in Europe, check on the licensed relocating companies in that country.

After you checked the licence (the link is only for EU countries), proceed with the inspection of the movers. Examine how their previous customers are satisfied. Search for reviews. If it’s possible, contact some of the customers personally, so you’d be able to ask them everything you want. If it’s not possible, then search on the web for as many reviews as you may find. The home relocating service with the most reviews, particularly with the most positive reviews, is the one to hire for moving to Europe.

The last, but not the least important thing when it comes to testing the potential European professionals for your move is making sure that they’re not a moving scam. There are so many fraudulent movers all around the globe. Therefore, there are so many moving scams in Europe too. To make sure you’re not negotiating the terms with potential fraudsters, check the net again. See if there are some news about their frauds before. Look for the newspaper and tv news to check there too. Also, you might call the police in the country for your European move. Check with them if there were frauds connected to some suspicious company.

After you choose the best European moving companies on your list, get the estimated costs for relocation to Europe

Get in touch with every single moving company. When trying to hire a good and reliable professional mover in Europe, the matter of the moving cost is very important. Ask them to send you the estimated cost for your move to Europe. Although you’re not close to them, there are ways to calculate the estimated cost online. (By filling the checklist of your items, or by video inspection). After you get the estimates, compare them, and choose to hire the most affordable one.

We emphasised to hire the most affordable, and not the cheapest moving company in Europe. The reason is simple. You want the best quality of the moving service in first place. Only after that should you compare the prices and pick the most affordable that satisfies the criterium of the high-quality service. If you choose the cheapest moving company in Europe, you’re probably choosing to hire the one offering a poor quality of relocating services. And potentially you could end up picking the European fraudulent mover.

The conclusion: Choice to hire a good and reliable professional mover in Europe means picking the moving company offering the highest quality of the moving services; with the most affordable price; avoiding the potential moving scam!

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