How to handle moving to the US on short notice

Moving to the US on short notice (or anywhere else for that matter) can be really tricky. Relocations are something we plan ahead in order to be as prepared as possible. But sometimes that’s not possible. So, what do we do? Find a way to do it quickly but still efficiently. Here are some tips for that.

Mentally prepare for the hectic period

Don’t let stress overflow you because this is a perfect opportunity to start your life over. It’s not impossible to relocate on short notice. People do that all the time. You just need to find some useful tips and tricks and a way to speed things up. Start by downloading moving and packing apps, they are usually free and they can be of help. The next step is finding professional movers.

A woman feeling stressed out
There are ways to avoid stress.

Hiring professional movers can make moving to the US on short notice easier

When you don’t have enough time to do everything, the best course is to hire professional movers to deal with general freight. They can actually offer you all the help you need regarding relocation to the US. Read on to see what movers can do.

How can they help?

If you hire reliable movers like Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage they can handle pretty much everything starting from packing all your household items quickly but carefully. Using those additional services like packing can come in quite handy when you simply don’t have the time to do it on your own. They can also help if you have some difficult items for relocation (like a piano for example).

Tips and tricks

  • make a list and a timeline for everything from now until the moving day and follow the scheduale
  • get all the help you can starting from the family members, then call friends and than call movers
  • download moving apps and see which states are ex-pat friendly
  • focus on the speed rather than organization and let movers deal with logistics
  • take a deep breath and try to clear your head, you can do this
  • dont forget to label everything while packing
  • and start packing from the smallest and most fragile items
Two girls packing and talking about moving to the US on short notice
Get all the help you possibly can.

From Europe to the US

Moving to the US on short notice can be rather complicated but if you get adequate help it will be much easier. If you are moving from Europe you also need to prepare for this kind of transition. You will be moving to a whole different continent and to a different culture. Make sure to research the state you will be moving to and find out everything you can about your new city. Chances are you already know the language so adaptation won’t be so hard.

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