How to find affordable movers in Hamilton, Ontario?

The moving process is an expensive endeavor, there’s no doubt about that. The new apartment and the adaptation period will surely lighten your wallet, so it’s important to save money where you can. The best way to cut moving expenses is to find affordable and reliable movers. But, how do you know which company to choose with so many options at your disposal? Read on – by the end of the article, you’ll be a true expert on getting the best moving quotes in Hamilton.

To find affordable movers, start online

Search engine representation showing how to find affordable movers.
If you want to find affordable movers, begin by looking them up on Google.

In this day and age, Google is everyone’s best friend when it comes to finding any kind of information. All you need to know is where to look. First off, we suggest you don’t settle for the first company that seems respectable and then book them right away. Instead, the best method to find affordable movers is to check various websites online and then compare them. Look for someone that will make your move enjoyable, not add up to the stress that will inevitably be there on the big day.

Read the reviews and the letters of recommendation, but take them with a grain of salt. Sometimes, companies can put fake five-star reviews up on the site to lure people into booking them. That’s why you should check third-party moving-related forums to read about the experiences of their actual previous clients. Other than reviews, take notice of their online presence – is their website user-friendly? Are their services clearly laid out? The work put in the website shows how serious they are about their business.

Check offline

No matter how reliable online information can be, first-hand advice from someone you trust is always more valuable. If someone you know had moved house recently, take the opportunity to ask them about a moving company. Make sure to request details such as hidden costs, the level of professionalism, etc. If a trusted friend is satisfied with their service, it will reassure you that the company is reputable.

Meet in person

When you’ve come down to one or two choices, a good idea is to pay them a visit. After all, there’s only so much you can learn on the Internet and nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting. But, in order to extract valuable information you need to know what questions to ask. Two things, however, stand out as crucial – moving estimate and paperwork. If the price is your main concern, ask for current promotions and special discounts. Don’t be afraid to use your negotiation skills to get the best possible rate – yes, bargaining is possible! Ask if they rent packing and moving supplies – this can save you a bundle! In the end, don’t be afraid to trust your gut – do they seem experienced and trustworthy? Intuition doesn’t lie!

People shaking hands.
Meet in person in order to determine whether the moving company is reliable.

Ask for a moving estimate

One thing is clear – when you find affordable movers, you need to know how affordable they actually are. For this reason, you’ll request moving cost estimates and compare the prices of the received offers. Now, you can do this by using online moving cost estimators which you’ll find on the company’s website. This is surely the easier, lower-hassle solution, but it is also less accurate as well. If you wish to calculate the exact moving costs, then in-home estimate is the way to go. This means that a moving agent will come to your home and access how much your move will cost. So, if you’re moving musical instruments such as a piano, it will be carefully measured to ensure enough truck space. Convenient, right?

Also, make sure to ask your moving company for a binding estimate. This is a type of estimate that is fixed on a specific figure. Basically, the amount of money you pay will not change if your final weight is greater or lesser than what was previously estimated. An even better option is the binding not-to-exceed estimate, which prevents you from paying more than the written estimate. In fact, your price can only go lower depending on the weight of your shipping.

Too cheap to be true? Check the paperwork!

looking up customer service on a laptop
Look up information about the moving company you’re interested in before hiring them.

Affordable housing is one of the reasons why people move to Hamilton permanently. However, it’s a bit unrealistic to find a two-bedroom apartment for the price of a one-bedroom, right? The same goes for moving quotes. Keep in mind that when trying to find affordable movers, the price is not all that matters. When the deal seems too good to be true, it’ very possible that you risk being tricked by rogue movers. To protect yourself against moving fraud, check if the company is properly licensed and accredited, as well as insured. Look up their USDOT Number to find the information such as:

  • Moving company details, such as their address, phone and fax numbers, and business e-mail.
  • Safety and insurance information. This should include the company’s safety rating, number of drivers, cargo carried, vehicle inspections, and crash reports.
  • The number of trucks or other vehicles.
  • Household goods complaint history, where you can view the complaints by category. From insurance-related to pick up delivery – it’s all there.
  • Complete on-road performance. Look this up if you plan to hire them to handle your art and other fragile items during transportation.

Do your part to cut moving costs

Regardless of how much you’ll pay the movers, you can cut other moving-related costs as well. First of all, make sure to downsize before packing – moving fewer stuff results in paying less. Find free moving boxes at supermarkets and other local stores so you don’t have to purchase them brand new. You can also utilize suitcases, buckets and other containers as effective ‘moving equipment’. Anything will work if you’re economical enough. When you find affordable movers, ask how you can make your move even cheaper. Try to move during non-peak periods and avoid holidays, weekends and the beginning and end of the month. Good luck in your new Hamilton home!

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