How to feel like a local in California: tips for expats

Moving to California as an expat can be an exciting and enriching experience. The Golden State is known for its diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant communities. To truly immerse yourself in the local lifestyle and feel like a Californian, there are several tips and strategies you can follow. Thanks to them, you can connect with residents, discover hidden gems, and create lasting memories during your ex-pat journey. So, take your time and continue reading this text to find out how to feel like a local in California!

Of course, before you relocate here, you need to find out what this state has to offer! Once you realize why California is a perfect state for expats, you can prepare for having fun, enjoy attractions and activities, spend time with residents, etc.

A woman in the street wants to feel like a local in California.
As a newcomer, you can expect to have lots of fun in California!

Explore neighborhoods to feel like a local in California

The moment you relocate to the Golden State, get ready for an adventure! You see, in California, you can find diverse and unique locations, each with its distinct character and charm. So, to feel like a local, take the time to explore the various neighborhoods in your area. Wander through the streets, visit local shops, cafes, and markets, and immerse yourself in the daily rhythms of the community. Also, feel free to engage with locals, strike up conversations, and ask for recommendations on their favorite spots to eat, drink, and explore. By venturing beyond the tourist hotspots and embracing the local neighborhoods, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of California’s vibrant culture and feel more connected to the community.

As you can see, as a newcomer, you’ll never be bored no matter where you are. So, instead of worrying about that, prepare yourself for a move to California. The best way to handle this relocation like a pro is to collect lots of moving tips and tricks. Therefore, as soon as you decide to relocate, check out websites like There, you’ll find a bunch of hacks that you can use to organize a smooth move, pack your belongings for a transfer, etc. In other words, thanks to those, you’ll have everything you need to complete this relocation in no time. 

Embrace the outdoors

You should know that spending time in nature is a big part of the Californian lifestyle. However, this is another fantastic way to feel like a local. With its stunning landscapes, from breathtaking coastlines to majestic mountains and sprawling forests, California offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. So, take advantage of the state’s natural beauty by hiking in national parks like Yosemite or Joshua Tree. While so, make sure to visit some other California places for adventure seekers. Also, have plans to go surfing along the coast, biking along scenic trails, or simply enjoy a picnic in one of the many picturesque parks.  

You can also engage in popular activities like beach volleyball, stand-up paddleboarding, or even join local sports leagues. By immersing yourself in outdoor activities and joining outdoor enthusiast groups, you’ll experience the state’s breathtaking scenery. And you can also have the chance to connect with fellow nature lovers and locals who share a passion for the great outdoors.

Friends, talking.
Keep in mind that expats won’t have any trouble to feel like a local in California!

Spend time with locals

  • So, to feel like a local, consider participating in events! There you’ll experience the local culture, traditions, and celebrations, and you’ll meet lots of people! Therefore, keep an eye out for community events, festivals, and fairs happening in your area.
  • Also, think about engaging in local sports! You see, Californians are passionate about sports. That’s why, whenever you can attend live games or watch them at sports bars, and start conversations about the teams with fellow fans.
  • Make sure to learn Californian slang and saying! Californians have their unique vocabulary. So, familiarize yourself with common slang words and phrases to help you blend in and connect with locals.
  • It’s always a great idea to volunteer or join clubs. Get involved in community service or join clubs and organizations aligned with your interests. Whether it’s a beach cleanup, a charity event, or a hobby-based club, these activities will give you a chance to meet like-minded locals and contribute to the community. 
  • And instead of relying solely on private transportation, try using public transportation systems like buses, trains, and trams. It will not only help you reduce your carbon footprint but also give you a chance to observe daily life, interact with locals during your commute, and navigate the city like a local.

Food will also make you feel like a local in California

Exploring and indulging in the local cuisine is an excellent way to feel like a true Californian. The state is famous for its diverse food scene, influenced by a mix of cultures and ingredients. From fresh seafood along the coast to farm-to-table delights in the agricultural regions, California offers a wide range of culinary experiences. So, when you begin living don’t miss out to try iconic dishes like fish tacos in San Diego, In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles, or avocado toast in San Francisco. Venture beyond the well-known dishes and explore the fusion of flavors found in California rolls or the vibrant farm-fresh salads. Also, if need more ideas about where you can have a great meal, consider visiting expat-friendly cities in California. Of course, check out local farmers’ markets to sample seasonal produce and artisanal goods, etc.

Food in California will blow your mind!

What else can you settle down in California?

If you want to feel like a local in California, you need to keep up with local news and events. So, read local newspapers or subscribe to online sources. Being aware of what’s happening in your community will make it easier to engage in conversations and connect with locals on current topics. Do that because Californians are generally known for their friendly and open-minded nature. Therefore, don’t hesitate and be approachable, strike up discussions with locals, and show genuine interest in their stories and experiences. Thanks to that effort, you can connect with people and that will help you feel more like a part of the community.

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