How to ensure your bulky furniture’s safety while moving?

When we talk about moving, the picture that usually shows up in our mind is probably two men carrying a large couch outside. Or a refrigerator, or some other bulky item. And there’s a reason for this, it’s simply because that is one the physically hardest jobs during relocation. But, what makes it stressful is worrying about the safety of these items. However, there’s no reason to worry, because there are ways to ensure your bulky furniture’s safety while moving and you’ll read about them right here.

The best way to ensure your bulky furniture’s safety

There are several ways to do this. But, it all starts with choosing one of these two options:

  • have professionals ensure your bulky furniture’s safety and transport it to its destination
  • you are going to move the furniture by yourself

If you choose professionals, you can see if there are any steps that you need to take as well. You might still have to pack for relocation, for example. Some companies offer packing services and some don’t. So keep in mind that even if you choose a company to transport your furniture, there are still several options you can choose.


Living room with a big corner sofa.
It seems impossible that you can ensure bulky furniture’s safety when moving


Hire experienced professionals

A professional moving company is very familiar with ensuring big furniture safety, as they do it every single day. So why worry about your furniture yourself and if you’ll do a good job when there companies who know how to do this. That’s why this is the most convenient way of transporting bulky pieces of furniture. These professionals will secure bulky furniture when carrying it and loading the furniture onto a truck. Then they’ll pack the truck with stable and tight loads. 

Properly pack your bulky furniture

In order to ensure your bulky furniture’s safety, you need to properly pack it. And there are very affordable moving supplies out there that you can use. On the other hand, you want to use the best supplies to secure bulky furniture. First, disassemble the furniture if you can, as it will be easier to protect the smaller pieces that way. Then, you should secure the smaller pieces using these supplies:

  • use a moving blanket to wrap the pieces and secure the blankets afterward with stretching plastic material
  • to ensure bulky furniture’s protection, thicker cardboard is necessary, or maybe even a crate
  • wrap up the delicate parts of the furniture with a wrapping material
  • use packing material to fill the empty spaces inside the box, as it will protect the items inside
If possible, disassemble furniture beforehand

Get the carrying straps

Well, of course, you want to ensure your bulky furniture’s safety. But, your safety is even more important. Lifting straps ensure that the whole process is carried out in a safer manner. There are straps that you can adjust for objects of different sizes, as well as movers of different sizes. Also, lifting and moving straps, shoulder dolly and similar equipment will take the weight off your back and will help you carry the weight on more stable and larger muscle groups.

Final words

Don’t relax, now that you know how to ensure your bulky furniture’s safety. You should take it slow and easy in order to make sure that your furniture and the people carrying it are protected and safe.

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