How to easily move with pets – tips and tricks

Pets, especially dogs and cats are often very sensitive to changes. So, if you feel stressed about the relocation, you can imagine how difficult it is for pets to understand what’s going on when relocating. Also, adapting to the new environment is often very hard for them, so be sure to follow these tips to make the move with pets as easy and smooth as possible.

a dog in an apartment which is being painted
It is difficult for your pets to understand what is happening while you are organizing a move.

Pets should be as peaceful as possible

Keeping the pets in the middle of all the packing and carrying the boxes can make them extremely uncomfortable and scared. They could attack the movers as a way of defending their territory or try running away if afraid. Therefore, you can find a quiet, separate room to keep your pet in while the boxes are taken away. Or you can ask someone you know well to keep them safe until the move is over.

Visit the old vet and find a new one when you move with pets

If you are about to move with pets to another country or state, you will probably need a new vet. Therefore, be sure to visit the old vet first – to give you all the necessary treatments or prescriptions if necessary and give you some additional advice about the move. Also, be sure to find a new pet as soon as you move – it’s better to be prepared than wait until something happens.

Travel together

Let your pet travel with you in your car to the new house. Keep the pet in a carrier or a kennel and prepare enough water and food for the road. This way your pet will feel much safer and relaxed and you will make moving more enjoyable.

Be careful when you arrive

Adapting to the new environment can be tougher than you think. That’s why be sure to keep the pet in the carrier for a while before you let them go. Also, secure the home for a day or two and don’t let the pet out until they investigate the house. If you let them outside too early, they might run away, since they don’t feel at home yet. Instead, take them out for a walk if you have a dog, and meet the neighborhood together.

Update their microchip

Be sure to update the information about your pet on their microchip. This is important to do as soon as you move since it often happens for pets to try to run away from their new home.

a small dog in a mailbox
Update your pet’s microchip as soon as the relocation is over.

Move with pets other than cats and dogs

  • Fish – It’s very difficult to move fish, especially long-distance. If you decide to do it, be sure to move them in bags/tanks filled with their old fish tank water.
  • Birds – No matter how calm and friendly they are, birds react strongly to changes. That’s why you need to be very careful and secure them in a cage on a moving day.
  • Guinea pigs – Keep them in a cage filled with snacks and toys. Secure the cage with a seat belt so it doesn’t move a lot during the drive.

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