How to cope with downsizing

Every once in a while the desire to change our lives from the root awakens in all of us. It starts with little things like changing the hair color, buying new clothes, and changing an outfit. Some, however, go a step further and decide to change the job or even the residence. You have a need to start something on your own. The biggest change is starting a new, independent life without your parents or a roommate. In that situation, you start looking for a new residence. Usually, it becomes moving from a large area, where you lived with many people, to a smaller one, and that can be challenging. When you need to move your whole life you start to wonder how to cope with downsizing? There are some tips.

Hamster habits

Everything starts with finding the spot. Finding an apartment can take a while, so be patient and persistent. Don’t compromise but find what you like. Take into account the location, infrastructure, traffic. When you dared to take this step you have to be aware that this is going to be a process. Downsizing does not have to be hard. Being prepared in an essence. Take your time and make a good checklist, write down all the things that you have, and create categories.

  • Definitely need- You might need some furniture, electronic devices, kitchen items. Be reasonable about this, you not going to need every little thing.
  • Might need– Think about the number of items in your collection (everyone has something), clothes, books, make-up, cosmetics. Will you have a space and a place for them?
  • Don’t need- You have some things you thought you need but you never use them, never wear them. You move them from one place to another but never throw them away. Start recycling right away.
Bag on the floor
Be reasonable when moving

The right place

When you find your little piece of haven think about how little it is. Be reasonable when moving. A good plan is a key to success, so make one. Use all of the space that you have and be smart when arranging the apartment. You can find some smart ideas online, look at how to use the space you have in a clever way. First, collocate the bulky stuff that you definitely going to need. If you can find alternatives for massy furniture, maybe you don’t need a large table or a wardrobe and you can cope with a smaller one. After you solve this dedicate yourself to relocation and deployment of smaller things. You can cope with downsizing, just be patient and rethink everything.

Move on

Key on the box
The key to your happiness is in your hands

When everything is packed and sealed it is time to roll up your sleeves. When you are relocating that amount of stuff don’t be shy and ask for help. You can always call your friends, they can be of great help. The other, faster, and efficient option is to hire a moving company. They will do it much faster, without any fuss while you can drink your coffee. Cope with downsizing could be stressful, but if you think it through it will not. If you are wondering what to do with the spare, unnecessary items remember that you can always rent storage. If you need them, they will be one turn of the key away from you.

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