How to clean your kitchen when moving home

Let’s be real, moving is an annoying process nobody particularly likes. Because of the million little things you need to plan and because anything can go wrong. Usually, we would like to leave it to the professionals but there are certain parts we often do ourselves. Cleaning the kitchen is one of these things. So, how to clean your kitchen when moving home is a question we’ll try to answer here.

How to clean your kitchen when moving home

Your kitchen is a room you are probably using every day. Being that it’s a place where you keep your food you’ll need to pay special attention when cleaning it. In order to do the job the right way, there are several steps you need to follow while preparing for moving and cleaning:

  1. Get all necessary cleaning supplies
  2. Remove all the food
  3. Pack the appliances
  4. Clean and pack dishes
  5. Unplug devices like fridge and freezer
  6. Start cleaning everything else, one thing at a time

Getting all the necessary cleaning supplies is the first step

Most likely you have some of the supplies already, however it’s better to make a list of things you might need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Mop
  • Buckets
  • Glass cleaners
  • Disinfectants
  • Packing bins

Given the fact you are dealing with dishes and items in close touch with food, consider eco-friendly stackable bins with lids from companies like Capital City Bins.

Remove all the food and pack the appliances and dishes

A few days before the moving day you should start removing the food from the kitchen. The food that is easy to spoil should be used as soon as possible. In general, you don’t want to pack this kind of food for transport. After that, start packing the appliances. If you already have everything you need to pack for the move then start with smaller appliances. Clean them carefully and pack with care. The same goes for dishes. However, you need to extra careful since some of the dishes are extremely fragile.


Kitchen dishes on the kitchen table since you need to clean your kitchen when moving home
Pack your dishes with care.

Unplug devices like fridge and freezer

After that, you can deal with large appliances like the fridge and freezer. Unplug them, give them time to defrost than do a thorough cleaning. Do not use cleaning solutions with these. In fact, just warm water, some soap, clothes, and scrubbing will do the job. Eventually, you can wipe everything with vinegar and clothes at the end.

Start cleaning everything else, one thing at a time

This is a part where you can call some of your friends to help you. Also, the process will go faster if some are packing while others clean.


A kid helping with washing dishes.
Even this little “friend” can be of help in the kitchen.


When dealing with an oven and oven racks oven cleaning solution is your friend. Generally speaking, the procedure is next: spraying, leave it for some time, then scrub. The paste made from baking soda and vinegar can be of great help here for the final touch.


Same as with the oven, you can use baking soda-vinegar paste and clean all the stains you find. Also, one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar can make wonders with your sink pipes.

Cabinets and other surfaces

Wipe the dust off all cabinets, then clean it with a cleaning solution. Don’t forget to clean both inside and outside of your cabinets. The same goes for all other surfaces like tables, chairs, and Countertops.


Using a mop, warm water, cleaning solution will make your floor shine again. Just remember to do some vacuuming after you move the appliances from the kitchen.