How to avoid property damage when moving out?

Moving to a new home is a big task. Packing all of your belongings, finding a new place for you and your family can get overwhelming. But that is not the only thing you should keep in mind while preparing for the moving day. It is very important you consider your current landlord. To get back a full amount of your security deposit you should do everything you can do avoid property damage when moving out. Use our guide to make sure your previous home stay safe while you move out.

Calculate everything in advance

When you wish to move out of your old home and transport your belongings to a new home, you should plan in advance. Planning is crucial to avoid property damage when moving out. It may seem silly, but it’s not. In case you don’t have enough time to organize your move, pack and label your moving boxes and load them in a hurry. Sometimes moving everything in a hurry leads to damage or injuries. On the other hand, if you don’t plan ahead and get enough packing materials for your move, your big and bulky items may stay unprotected. In that case, carrying big and bulky pieces of furniture may be harder than it seems.

The best way is to prepare in advance and avoid property damage when moving out is to know your moving cargo. If you know the number of items you will need to pack, you will be able to calculate with ease, the number of packing materials needed tor packing. Professionals advise that you always buy more packing materials than you think you need. At the last minute, you may find out you need few extra moving boxes.

In case your movers schedule your moving date, you should also plan to clean your former home after movers load your boxes onto the moving truck. Your landlord needs to inspect the property for damages, in order to get your security deposit back. For this reason, you should plan the cleaning process in advance and make sure to clean everything in detail or do small repairs if needed.

Avoid property damage when moving out – tips

To make sure you will get your security deposit back, you should make sure to avoid property damage when moving out. Here are few tips that will help you take care of your current residence on a moving day.

Be careful while moving your heavy items- you don’t want to scratch your doors

Create padding for big pieces

When packing your home belongings, you should make sure you have enough packing materials. Professional movers will advise using new and quality packing supplies to secure your belongings. If you don’t think you can handle big and heavy pieces of furniture and big appliances, consider hiring a professional packing service. Quality movers will help you take care of packing and make sure to avoid any damage while they move your belongings. However, if you decide to pack everything by yourself, provide enough padding for the big peace’s. Take measurements of doors and hallways before you start packing. If you do, you will know which piece can be carried out. In some cases, you will be able to disassemble big furniture pieces before you pack everything. When your big furniture pieces have enough padding, you will avoid property damage even if you accidentally touch the door frame of a wall.

Remember to protect the floors

In case you have wood floors in your current residence, you will have to make sure they don’t suffer any scratches or damage while you move everything around. If any damage to the floors happens, your landlord may keep your security deposit. Repairing floors damage can get quite expensive. For this reason, you should be very careful and protect the floors in advance. In case you are moving each furniture piece by yourself, consider providing padding when moving items. You can use leftover cardboard moving boxes to protect those floors while movers carry your belongings through the house.

Use professional moving equipment at all times

Professional moving specialists in your area will also do everything to avoid property damage while they move your belongings. They protect your property and use professional moving equipment. Movers use sliders to protect the wooden floors while they move around heavy items. However, there is another way to move heavy items across the room without damaging the floors or your back. Movers use moving blankets and slide the big piece this way. They also carry heavy items using shoulder moving straps and dollies. Using professional moving equipment is the best way to stay safe and avoid property damage when moving out. You should consider renting professional moving equipment in order to pack and move your home without professional help.

Wear comfortable clothes

Wearing comfortable clothes while packing and moving is also very important. Quality movers with experience usually wear informs when moving your belongings. You don’t need to have a special uniform — just comfortable pieces of clothing that cover your hands and your legs. Every mover will tell you to avoid clothes with belts on or shoes that slide easily. When carrying moving boxes in and out of your home, you should make sure to wear close-toed shoes that protect your feet. In case you trip, slide of fall, you may get injured. But at the same time, if you drop something heavy, you can also cause damage. For this reason, you should make sure you are dressed comfortably when moving your home belongings on a moving day.

Use quality movers when moving heavy and bulky items

The hardest part of the move is packing and dealing with oversized and the heaviest items in your home. Same as handling your art collection. If this part is not your cup of tea, consider hiring professional movers to help. Quality movers with experience are professionals that have special training and skill to move all of your belongings with ease. Reliable movers will do everything to avoid property damage when moving out all of your items no matter how big or small.