How is tourism in Europe surviving the pandemic

Coronavirus is changing our lives, unfortunately. It has a big impact on businesses, the economy, and of course, human life and health, which is the most important. One of the industries that have big problems because of the COVID-19 is tourism – all over the world. Is tourism in Europe surviving the pandemic and if it does – how? Can you travel during the pandemic? Is it safe? The entire world is experiencing problems, not only Europe.

Tourism trends

International tourism decreased by 80% in 2020 which is a huge loss for this industry. Restaurants, bars, hotels, motels, museums, theaters, all these businesses have problems because there are no people visiting. It is not safe to be around a lot of people and in most countries, it is forbidden to organize some events. SO, international tourism is having a problem. But, on the other hand, domestic tourism is helping to soften the blow.

Train station in Berlin.
Berlin, Paris, Rome, Belgrade, Madrid, Moscow, all big cities in Europe are without tourists

Many countries in Europe have taken impressive immediate action to restore and re-activate the sector. You can travel within your country and finally take a chance to explore what is near you. A lot of people do not know that the beautiful places are just a couple of hours away.

Some of the priorities of the governments, and ways how is tourism in Europe surviving the pandemic are:

  • Supporting tourism companies
  • Promoting domestic tourism
  • Providing clear information to travelers and business about the coronavirus and changes in rules
  • Strengthening co-operation between countries
  • Building sustainable tourism

Moving during the COVID-19

Is moving to another continent during the coronavirus outbreak possible? For example, moving from the USA to Europe? The answer is yes, but you need to be extra careful and respect the quarantine rules. Traveling and moving is a little bit different, especially when it is an overseas relocation.

An image of a globe with face mask.
The entire world is having problems because of the current pandemic

If you are not in hurry and if you can reschedule relocation to Europe, do it. Of course, there are pros and cons of moving to Europe after coronavirus so you need to calculate all the facts and then make the final decision.

When it comes to moving within Europe, it is also possible, and rules depend on the country. Each country in Europe has different regulations about the current pandemic. Besides that, you need to pay attention more and protect yourself, your family, and other people around you. If you feel any symptoms of the COVID-19, cancel moving or traveling and call a doctor.


The situation with the COVID-19 in Europe is not the best, unfortunately. Is tourism in Europe surviving the pandemic? Well, not exactly. The situation is not the best. Domestic tourism is surviving, but companies are doing their best to succeed. If you want to travel, make sure you don’t have COVID-19 and do a PCR test. 

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