Hippest places in Philadelphia for European digital nomads

Leaving Europe and coming to America is a life-altering choice. It does not matter if you have read about the States or seen it in moves – it will be a huge cultural shock. The American diet and lifestyle will take some time to adjust. But you are ready for all the problems and have decided to relocate to Philadelphia. Europe movers are here to tell you about the hippest places in Philadelphia for European digital nomads.

Benefits of moving to Philadelphia from Europe 

There are many reasons to purchase a home in Pennsylvania, especially in Philadelphia. Let’s see what Philly can offer compared to other places in America. 

Before we get into the hippest places in Philadelphia for European digital nomads, you should know that the Philadelphians have attitude. People from the East Coast are brutally honest and will not hesitate to tell you what they think. As a newcomer to the city, this can help you adjust faster. But if you take their remarks to heart, it can slow down your transition. 

Second, by moving to Philadelphia, you will be close to New York City. The Big Apple is about 100 miles away from Philadelphia. As a European, 100 miles might seem a lot. But America is much bigger than Europe, so you should get used to places being farther away. 

Third, Philadelphia is one of the more affordable larger cities in America. The cost of living in Philadelphia is about the same as the national average. The most expensive thing in the city is transportation. But the housing market is affordable. The median home cost in Philadelphia is around 220,000 dollars, and the national average is 290,000 dollars. If you can not afford to buy, you can always rent. The average cost of a two-bedroom apartment in Philly is 1200 dollars. When you find that perfect apartment in Philadelphia, reach out to skilled people from the area to help you with moving in. 

person holding money, learn about places in Philadelphia for European digital nomads
Moving to Philly is already expensive, you do not want to live in a costly place, which makes Philly perfect.

Hippest places in Philadelphia for European digital nomads – Washington Square West

The first area of Philadelphia we will talk about is Washington Square West. Washington Square West is close to Center City, which means other parts of the city are not out of reach. But the neighborhood is just far away from all the loudness that comes with the nightlife in Philly. 

Not only does Washington Square West have a good location, but it is also very welcoming. As a European in Philadelphia, you want to be accepted and not feel out of place. Well, there is no better place than Washington Square West which was once the center of the LGBTQ community. 

In addition to being able to reach most of the areas of the city easily, you can also get anywhere in Washington Square West by foot. And trust us, you will want to go out and walk in this neighborhood. There are many locally-owned beautiful stores that you can shop in. And the community spirit is strong in Washington Square West. Therefore, the neighborhood organizes parties, community gardening, and cleaning.

people in a room
Washington Square West is one of the hippest places in Philadelphia for European digital nomads because of the community parties.

These community events are a good way to get out of your shell and meet the locals. But if you do not want to be in a group of people, you can always talk for a walk in the famous Washington Square Park.

If you like what Washington Square West can offer you, get a moving contract and begin your move to Philadelphia from Europe. To not be surprised when you arrive in Washington Square West, you should know that the average rent is around 1750 dollars. 

Check out Fishtown

The second neighborhood in Philly to consider as a European digital nomad is Fishtown. Fishtown was an industrial center of Philadelphia. But as the industry slowed down, locals came up with a new way to liven up this neighborhood. Today Fishtown is the center for artistic hipsters, and you only need to walk in the area to see why. The old industrial warehouses have gotten a new life by turning them into restaurants, shops, and art galleries. And if you are into art, you should prepare for the first Friday of every month. Because you will have a chance to visit the galleries on Frankford Avenue. 

Man sitting
If you want to be a part of a hipster community, come to Fishtown.

Besides the restaurants and art, Fishtown has an active nightlife scene where you can get the chance to meet the locals. Even though Fishtown seems like the perfect neighborhood, it lacks some things. There are not many outdoor areas, which means you will have to go to another place to take a relaxing stroll after a hard night of drinking. The rent will run you about 1650 dollars a month. If you like what Fishtown has to offer you, find someone to get you there. If you are struggling to find a moving company, check out verifiedmovers.com, as they can assist you. 

Hippest places in Philadelphia for European digital nomads – Old City 

The final neighborhood in our article is Old City. Old City city is the center of Philadelphia. With the public transport system, you can reach all the other parts of the city fast. Even though it is in the center of Philadelphia, the neighborhood does not feel like an urban complex but has a great mixture of outdoor activities with a family feel. When it comes to fun activities, the area has many museums that are close to one another. There you can learn about the history of America and the history of Philadelphia. The rent in Old City is around 1850 dollars a month. 

Come to Philly from Europe 

These are our picks for the hippest places in Philadelphia for European digital nomads. In one of the places in the article, you will find the perfect neighborhood where you will feel welcome straight upon arrival.

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