Guidelines for buying a vacation house in Florida

In Europe, there are countless beautiful destinations that are just perfect for your next vacation home. From the French Riviera to the Alps, the destinations and their potential are endless. However, plenty of European buyers are looking to purchase a vacation home abroad and one specific US destination has been catching their attention more than ever before. Florida has always been one of the favorite spots among ex-pats. Now, it looks like ex-pats with deep pockets are looking to spend some of their fard earned cash in the Sunshine State. So, if you are looking to purchase a vacation home in FL, you certainly need some help. Here are the most important factors you need to pay attention to when buying a vacation house in Florida.

Tips for buying a vacation house in Florida

Once the time comes you will be concerned with your move to Florida. We are here to tell you to relax and focus on purchasing just the right property. There are plenty of local Florida moving companies, such as Pro Movers Miami, that can handle your move from Europe to Miami without any fuss. Before, you come even close to hiring movers for your relocation there is a lot that needs to be done. So, let’s not waste time! We don’t want anybody else snatching away your dream home in Florida. Remember, there are plenty of other foreigners and locals looking to buy something spectacular close to the beach at the same time when you are.

A beautiful property next to the water with a speed boat in front of it.
Florida is an excellent location for your vacation home because the weather is lovely most of the year.

Know exactly what you can afford

No matter if you are purchasing a luxurious equestrian property in Florida or a small and humble cottage on the beach, you must know the length of your budget. There are many tools that can help you with this. You don’t have to have a financial consultant to calculate your budget. There are quite a few online mortgage calculators that can help you stay on track. No matter how deep or shallow your pocket might be, it is easy to make the wrong call. The glitz and the glamour of Florida properties can easily cloud your judgment. So, if you know you have issues in this department, have some support by your side. Someone that will talk some sense into you if needed.

A little green plant growing out of a pile  of coins.
To be sure your euros are spent the way they should be, make sure you have a proper budget in place.

Factor in the extra costs when buying a vacation home in Florida

We already spoke briefly on the importance of calculating your mortgage and knowing how high that amount can go. Still, to neglect other costs related to buying a vacation home would be foolish. Florida is beautiful, the weather is amazing, the culture is diverse and fun, and other is a lot that just screams come here and buy a home here. It is truly one of the most expat-friendly US states. Unfortunately, nowhere does it say that owning a home in the Sunshine State doesn’t come cheap. There are extra costs related to such an investment. Such as taxes, insurance, utilities, and property maintenance. Your future neighbors can be lots of help. Since they already live in the area, they can give you first-hand insight. They will tell you what it takes and how much does it costs to successfully maintain a property in the area.

Avoid building a home from scratch

Building a home from the bottom to the top is a long and difficult project. No matter where you are looking to do it. Yet, when doing it overseas it gets extra complicated. Sure, Europeans love Miami, Boca Raton, and other Florida cities. What can be better than building your dream home in one of those places? It sure sounds great in theory. However, the reality makes this picture much less perfect. For starters, real estate laws and regulations are very different in Florida. Even if you have some knowledge on this topic from Europe it might not do you any good. You would need lawyers and other local experts from Florida to help you.

When you top that off with costal authority, local building restrictions,s and homeowners associations, soon you will realize that building a vacation home might not be the best idea. You would be better off looking for a standing property that is already made. It might take you a little longer to find one that covers your needs and desires. In the end, it will be worth it because you will avoid countless unpleasantries that happen during the construction of a new property.

A larger and stunning white vacation house with a green grass lawn.
Not being able to build a dream property from the bottom to the top doesn’t imply you will not be able to find an ideal house for yourself.

Moving with the help of local Florida movers

Even though you are buying a vacation house in Florida, you will want to have some of your personal belongings there. So, while you are not moving fully, you will want some of your things moved from Europe to Florida. This will be no problem whatsoever. Local Miami experts are at your disposal and they will make sure your belongings arrive safely at your new beautiful vacation spot. Movers from Miami have plenty of experience and are trustworthy. Thus, you shouldn’t hesitate. Put your trust in their capable hands.

Hire a local real estate professional

Buying a vacation house in Florida is not like purchasing a property anywhere else in Europe. Therefore, while you might have some experience under your belt in this department, it will not necessarily be of great use. Quiet the opposite might happen. You might decide you don’t need help because of your previous experience. This type of thinking can be fatal in your predicament. There are regulations and rules and other things that you aren’t aware of. But, a local professional real estate agent will be. They can guide you to buying the ideal property for your needs and within your budget. So, hire a trustworthy professional and start your hunt! Once you are done, fun in the Florida sun awaits you!

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