Guide to helping your child adjust to a new culture

There are many reasons why families move. Some move because of a new job opportunity, some move to be closer to their families, etc. But, whatever the reason for the move may be, your child will be the one most affected by it. They may feel scared and anxious because they are leaving their friends and everything that is familiar to them and also because they do not know what awaits them in that new country. Thus, it is the parent’s job to help them adjust as much as they can, whether you are moving intercontinentally or just around the corner. We are also here to help. Here is our short guide to helping your child adjust to a new culture.

Explore the Culture Together

The first thing you can do to help your child adjust to a new culture is to explore it together. For example, you can show your child some YouTube videos about the city/country you are moving to. Or, you can read different articles. Make sure you choose something that is both educational and fun. Explore the neighborhood you are moving to as well. Look up the school, all the parks nearby, and all the fun activities you can all do once you relocate there. Once your child sees what the future holds and how fun it all can be, the feelings of stress and anxiety will disappear. Just make sure to do this before movers from Four Winds Bahrain come to relocate you, in order to give your child enough time to prepare.

A mother and daughter looking at a laptop studying the information about helping your child adjust to a new culture.
If you want to help your child adjust to a new culture, make sure you explore as much as you can before moving.

Help Your Child Learn the Language

It goes without saying that the child should be ready for the process of moving. That does not mean that you should be only packing properly, but it also means that you should be helping your child adjust to a new culture the best way you can, as previously mentioned. One of the ways to do that is by learning a language. Just imagine how scared and confused your child will be once moving to a country where he/she can not understand a word and thus, can not make any new friends. So, make sure both you and your child learn at least the basic elements of the language of the country you are moving to. This will make your lives soo much easier later on. Moreover, it will help both of you adjust faster and easier.

A boy reading a book.
Learning a language will enable your child to fit into the new community.

Speak Positively About the Change

It is a known fact that children imitate their parents. So, if you are stressed out and nervous about relocating to a new country, your child will do the same. Thus, do everything in your power to speak positively about this change at all times. Focus on good aspects. For example, tell your child about all the new friends he/she will have there, about all the fun things you as a family will do, about the new cool room, etc. Most importantly, be there for your child. Talk. Ask about the fear, and help your child overcome them. Stay positive and you and your child will have a positive and stress-free moving experience. That is the only way you will help your child adjust to a new culture.

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