Fun hobbies to take up after moving to Dubai

Do you want to get a new hobby after moving to the United Arab Emirates? Life after moving (anywhere) can be boring, depressive, emotional, and confusing. One of the ways to deal with nostalgia is to explore hobbies to take up after moving to Dubai and to try something new and fun. Also, you will meet other people.

A view of Dubai at night.
Dubai has everything to offer. It is different from other cities in the Middle East

Hobbies to take up after moving to Dubai

Leaving Europe for Dubai is not easy and simple, especially if you are moving alone (without family). Meeting new people will help you adjust after moving to Dubai. The lifestyle there is different than you used to, as well as laws. But, it does not mean it is boring.

  • Make robots from Lego – perfect for computer and electronics fanatics. At the club, you need to show and tell presentation and show the skills or your robot.
  • If you are more a sports person, zumba can be really good for you. It is fun and you will get your body in shape.
  • While you are in Dubai, learn to cook their traditional meals. Upgrade your cooking skills by joining the class.
  • Flying dragons is sport is similar to rowing. It is one of the hobbies to take up after moving to Dubai – a wooden boat and 14 other team members.
  • Photography is useful, while you are in Dubai, make beautiful photos and learn something new.
  • Dubai has many dancing classes. From tango to salsa, and traditional dances.
  • Escape Dubai is a hobby for those who love backpacking and exploring. This is the best way to explore UAE and countries around.
  • Arabian Gulf is perfect for diving. If you are a beginner, you can start at the Dubai Mall Aquarium.
  • Gardening here is challenging because of the heat and desert, but it is worth trying because it is different.
  • Dubai can offer ice skating too. It is a perfect way to cool off during the hot days.
Photography as one of the hobbies to take up after moving to Dubai.
Try photography, painting, dancing, writing, cooking – those could be hobbies to take up after moving to Dubai

Stay fit after moving to Dubai

Do you like to stay healthy and fit or to start a healthy life after moving to Dubai? Working out is one of the best ways to have an amazing body and not to feel depressive. By hiring Dubai Personal Trainers you can get a new hobby. You can choose yoga, pilates, aerobics, soccer, boxing or something different.

Dubai for European newcomers is fun and different from the rest of the world. That’s why many young people love to move here. Job opportunities, new experience, learning about new cultures and tradition, it definitely has a lot to offer.

You can choose between different hobbies to take up after moving to Dubai. You should try something you never did before. Use the opportunity of living in a foreign country and make the most of it.

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