Foreigner’s guide to buying an equestrian property in Florida

Buying an equestrian property in Florida is a dream for many people. If you are looking to move and buy property in the US know that there are some great places to move to in Florida. If you love horses all the better. Florida has a lot to offer when it comes to purchasing land and raising a horse farm. But if you are planning on doing this you should rely on a guide to buying an equestrian property in Florida. There is a lot you should know about buying or building a farm in Florida. And there is much to know about owning and breeding horses there.

About equestrian properties

Many people dream of having a horse farm. This is just what equestrian property is. It is a large piece of land and property. It incorporates both a house and also all of the amenities that meet the needs of horses. Enough land and trails for riding as well as stables and all of the buildings to fit the needs of animals.

A stable house check precedes buying an equestrian property in Florida.
Finding the right property is not that easy so try to compromise

Purchasing an equestrian property can be both good business investment and a hobby that you invest in for personal enjoyment. Once you decide to become the owner and move to Florida with this intention be sure that many helpful options are available for moving and setting here. There are many Florida moving options and services to choose from. But whether you are purchasing land to build on or buying an existing horse farm there is a lot to consider here. So let’s see what are the essential tips for buying such property in Florida. Here is a guide to buying an equestrian property in Florida that you should consult:

  • Research and analyze
  • The right size or acreage
  • Accessibility and proximity
  • Condition
  • Zoning laws

Research and analyze

Buying such property is a big investment. It is risky so you should analyze your options and do proper research. So makes sure you are clear about:

  • The budget and whether you can handle buying and maintaining such property. Is this kind of property within your price range.
  • Is this a long-term solution to your needs? You might be buying it for retirement or you are planning to expand your family. This property should be able to fit in your future plans.
  • Does the property have all of the natural elements that will fit your needs? Also, check if urban development can influence your property in the future.

These are the things you have to research and find the answers to before making a purchase.

The right size or acreage

An equestrian property can vary in size considerably. You should know how to calculate the property you will need. First of all, it will depend on the number of horses that you plan to keep. The size of the pasture will be based on this number. But you should also keep in mind that you need space for stables, barns, your residence, and so on. You should try to overestimate the size of the estate. This is important to allow yourself room to grow. Basically the grazing acres you can determine by multiplying the number of horses and acres a horse needs to graze by two for good measure.

A field with a lone horse
Make sure to find the right size property

Accessibility and proximity

Your property should be accessible and close to some important amenities. Proximity to towns and easy access will not only be important to for your relocation. It will also be important for managing the normal functioning of the property. You might want to be close to the major highway for easy transport. You will also need vet services and supply stores. Families living on the equestrian property should also be close to schools and hospitals. So, when choosing such a property you should take all of these needs and requirements into account.


An important part of any guide to buying an equestrian property in Florida is to do a proper property check. You should invest time to check the condition of the property you plan on buying. Here you should check on the condition of the residence but you must pay attention to so much more. So size up the condition of the fences, sheds, and barns. Also, look into the condition of all of the other amenities. Sheds, garages, and other facilities must be in good condition. Failure to do such a checkup may cause you high expenses and a large unplanned investment.

Be sure to, check the drainage and waste systems, age of buildings, plumbing, and water system. Make sure that everything is in good working order. Remember that you can invest in a residence remodel or upgrade once it is suitable but the other parts of the property must be in good condition.

Usage rights and zoning laws

Also, make sure to check out the proximity and usage rights for some amenities. Equestrian properties have the need for additional water sources and vegetation. Watter particularly is essential for horses so make sure you have a good supply of it. Having dependable wells or having rights for other bodies of water is crucial. So make sure you do your research. keep in mind that Pasco County stands out in this respect. The county is full of many trails and pastures along rivers and other water sources. Both vegetation and water are easily accessible so Pasco may be the perfect solution for your horse ranch. So if you decide on Pasco County you should be able to settle in here with no issues and without too many worries.

A man riding a horse
Make sure your property has all the amenities your horses will need

In addition, make sure to check out the zoning laws. If you are building a new equestrian property you must be sure that the land is zoned for agriculture. Also, check if there are any restrictions to the number of buildings and the structure placement. Be sure that there are no building codes that might be a problem for establishing your equestrian property.

To conclude

Having equestrian property can be a dream come true. Buying it is not that difficult if you can afford it. However, you should follow a guide to buying an equestrian property in Florida. Before you start preparing for your move make a check as with any other property. It will help you out and be a reminder of all the things you should keep in mind before purchasing.

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