Tips for finding a job after moving to Queens

Moving to another city can be a challenging task, especially if you need to find a job there. You will find yourself at the crossroad between the two possible choices. Looking for a job before moving to a new city, or moving first and then start to look for a job. The choice is yours, but before making a final decision inform yourself about any useful tips for finding a job after moving to Queens.

Tips for finding a job after moving to Queens

Moving to the largest New York City borough can be a great opportunity for you. Queens is the borough with the most diverse economy of all five boroughs in NYC. Economy vise, it’s second only to Manhattan. Jobs opportunities are many, from health care, manufacturing, sales, all the way to television production. A word of advice is to start looking for a job before moving. However, if you can afford it, then you are free to do your search after moving to Queens. In general, an interesting fact is that low-level positions are a faster way to get hired. If you are at the peak of your career, be ready to take more time finding the appropriate position for you.

Once you know what you are looking for, it is time to develop a working strategy for your job hunt. Important tips you can follow are next:

  1. Take enough time for finding a job
  2. Improve your local search
  3. Be ready to quickly answer to job alerts
  4. Make yourself available and ready for a lot of interviews
  5. Shake your connections
  6. Maybe consider a temporary job offers
  7. Some additional notes

Take enough time for finding a job

Searching for a job is everything but easy and fast. Don’t expect to get a job within the first month. Of course, there can be some incredible luck involved but prepare mentally for a long search. It can be a really tiresome process but with the right preparations, you should be fine. Just remember to prepare your resume, all references you have, calculate your cost of living and get an outfit for the first impression on interviews.

a wrench in a pocket and a note for a job search
Be ready to work hard before you get a chance to work hard.

Improve your local search

Since you are going live in Queens, start by searching within the local area first. Don’t be tempted to rush straight to Manhattan. There is a lot of time to get your boxes and other supplies in Queens if you have to move again to another borough. Many opportunities may sit just around the corner at the moment, which can save you both time and money in the long run. You won’t have to think a lot about commuting, also won’t waste more money than is necessary. So, localize your search on the internet and then start expanding the circle.

Be ready to quickly answer to job alerts

Many job listing sites, as well as the major employing companies, are offering a small convenience a lot of people tend to forget about. Job alerts are a great way to quickly find out about new positions on the market. Use that opportunity wisely and subscribe to both email alerts and notifications. Also, be ready to answer those alerts fast. Don’t wait for too long or you may miss a chance. If you have an opportunity to act quickly and you need to move again, use professional movers like DA Moving NYC to help you with your sudden relocation.

Make yourself available and ready for a lot of interviews

Get yourself ready to do a lot of interviews. That means to travel to a lot of companies for an eye-to-eye interview and dealing with many HR personnel. However, don’t forget that many companies are offering online interviews. Therefore, get a good internet connection at your place and find the right equipment like a computer with mic and speakers. If you have a fear of online interview you can try to practice in front of the mirror or camera. You will be surprised how many people just froze when faced with cameras. If you are among them, then try your best to overcome that fear.

HR personnel on the interview
Dealing with HR is a part of every interview.

Shake your connections

If you are not already by now, it would be a good chance to make some movement among your friends and acquaintances. If you are lucky enough you may already have some friends living in New York so make use of it. In order to be successful in your job hunt, you need to realize that using all weapons and sources at your disposal is not a matter of choice. Spread a word that you are looking for a job and someone might answer. Not to mention global phenomena like social media. The chances are you already have an account on Facebook, LinkedIn, or forums. So, bring that resume of yours, polish it up, and announce what you need among online friends and contacts.

Maybe consider a temporary job offers

If none of the above works at the moment, consider looking for a temporary job. Just something that can help you ease your living while you are on a hunt for a serious job. Especially if you moved with small kids. Even a lower position in some company would be a better choice than nothing. Who knows, maybe you will come across the better offer within that company after a while. Freelancing is another good choice if it is possible in your line of work. Or even a partial working from home may be an option.

a man working with chains in a port.
Some seasonal jobs can be an alternative temporary solution.

Some additional notes

  1. Take your LinkedIn profile serious. It is one of the major tools companies are using when looking for employees, so make your profile shine.
  2. Deal with important pieces of information in your resume. Don’t make a boring wall of text since no one is going to read it all.
  3. Prepare yourself do deal with a lot of HR personnel that may not be really proficient with your job perks and practices.
  4. The outfit doesn’t make a man, but it certainly means a lot when making a first impression.
  5. Before all, be polite and professional when dealing with people.
  6. Update your resume often, don’t just send generic info about yourself to every company. Make it a bit personal.
  7. Be likable if you can, since no one is looking for a dark personality to spoil the team spirit.
  8. Don’t stop your reading here, be persistent and do your own research.

Remember that, no matter how many tips for finding a job after moving to Queens you read, you will always need a healthy dose of luck in your journey. Not only that, but try to be persistent and endure all the troubles you are going to face. Be ready to fail, be ready to fail a lot before getting yourself your dream job. Good luck.

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